Chinese Cabbage Salad ... the dressing is fabulous!

Chinese Cabbage Salad ... the dressing is fabulous!

Don't leave the store without THESE 9 fruits and veggies. #grocery #shopping #infographic
Chinese Cabbage Salad
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Chinese Cabbage Salad~This salad would also be great with some grilled chicken pieces! Tip for the dressing:skip the peanut oil and go directly to the peanut butter + oil recipe for the dressing! So Good!!
STEAMED DUMPLINGS (蒸餃), found via Buzzfeed - "The wrappers are made from a light and supple “hot dough,” a combination of boiling water and Chinese noodle flour, and may be colored with vegetable juices like carrot or spinach. Fillings vary, but are
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Chinese Cabbage Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce
Chinese cabbage salad- the dressing is fabulous.I make this for family reunion each year and its a crowd pleaser.