Use washi tape to transform your lego duplo blocks into fresh new blocks to build with. Matching and counting activities too!
Coloured counting tubes. Great for learning about colours and numbers, as well as basic matching and one to one correspondence.
This counting activity involves reading and sharing the story Elmer’s First Counting Book. Followed by a count and match the number activity using coloured squares that imitate the colourful patches on Elmer the Elephant from the book.
Quiet book
Highhill Homeschool: Multiplication Circles
Learning to Count Activity - follow on activity to the Book Elmer the Elephant
Learning Numbers and Counting Activities | The Jenny Evolution
Education to the Core: Me on the Map Activity! Help kids understand the area around them!
Counting Coins - love the versatility of plastic eggs for centers at Easter!
addition kindergarten-ideas- not a great link but you get the idea
Learning and Teaching With Preschoolers: Search results for truck
Small Group Lesson 3
One to one correspondence
Spring Counting Preschool Lesson Plan
Lollipop Math~Practice counting, comparing, and number bonds with these low-prep math activities
Number identification, counting, one to one correspondence, classifying, sorting, counting on! And it's so simple!
Teaching Kids to Count - Over 20 playful ways to help preschoolers learn their numbers, from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds.
ake it on a paper plate and have kids lace the buttons on with yarn.
Number-Writing practice. Have children practice writing numbers by counting the number of spots on each ladybug.
Art and gardening- this is a jumping-off point for lots of good stuff, I do think!
pinterest preschool yellow ideas | ... Flickr Stream For More Fun Cake Photos On Pinterest Cake on Pinterest
For the Love of Learning: DIY Counting Activity - Simple & Educational
Reading Confetti: Crocodile Counting
Counting activity for kinder: thread that number of beads on the pipe cleaner.
Counting Activity Using a Geoboard from An Everyday Story Number and Letter Sequencing
Preschool counting activities - this would be great to put numbers and letters in order .. and this could be something they could do independently at a station!
Counting Clouds activity - great for learning to count and would work well with lesson on God creating the sky.
arch Busy Bag: Counting Leprechaun Gold
TEACCH- quantitative concepts
simple counting activity :)
Photo and counting activity - A great way to help with their counting and also encourage them to look for visual clues.
Colored  counting tubes. Great for learning about colors and numbers, as well as matching and one to one correspondence.
Lego Syllable Counting Activity
PreK- Put an appropriate number of dots on the numbers. I like that this is something a kid can review later and "read" the numbers (as well as their associated words)
ntessori Inspired Counting great ideas that can be modified by age and abilities--ranked as a POWER PIn in Pinterest analytics!