Berry red, orange & gray
I'm ready for spring & thinking of using this palette for a bargello sampler. "emerging color"
Color palette
so in my room now we have the orange color black and white and during my restless night last night i was trying to decide what color to paint and look what i found!!!! :)
nice soft shades for wearing against faded winter skin...
feathered hues Color Palette - Paint Inspiration- Paint Colors- Paint Palette- Color- Design Inspiration
flora tones [another scheme I LOVE: muted, "my" color of coral/peach and dark mauve; the lipstick colors I select]
summer brights
succulent tones #paintingcolours
design seed daisy - Google Search
memorial day hues - design seeds. colors for porch
(via Design Seeds)
still tones
Candied Hues
sweet tones
pollinated palette
nature palette
yellow bloom
Blurb ebook: Global Color by Design Seeds: global color
This could solve the grey vs brown debate i've been having for my masterbath
love this color palette. The bridesmaids' dresses are plum, the guys are grey...I really like the shades of green -hmmmmmm. Must incorporate
Design Seeds. For master bath and bedroom
moroccan detail...
Possibly other colors to compliment the turq and orange in the website?
two-tone green room
mineral hues - Great hues for the girls room when they will be bigger
planted tones. When my generator is fixed I'm going to make beads using this colour palette
liquified brights
budding hue design seeds hues tones shades  color palette, color inspiration
amethyst hues
cool hues.
Living room. Should I just go for it & incorporate green as well? Brown furniture, orange curtains & pillows, light tan walls, IKEA even has the dark green cover for the chaise.
toned orange
color palette - cup of hues
spring brights
flora tones