small things alter the world

small things alter the world

61 really thoughtful and inexpensive ways that kids can pay it forward
Out of all the beads and cord I have none of them will work for this. Guess I'll have to go shopping!
Sometimes all it takes is kindness to others to create magic! Never underestimate the power you have of being kind to others.
Jealousy is ugly
Thank you gift ideas.  You can also find some printables on their facebook page -
Paying it forward Weekend _ January 17-19 | My Soulful Home
Veterans Day Thank You Cards, Military Thank You for your Service, Red White Blue, Gift Tags, PIF, Random act of Kindness
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A stranger paid my bill once and it was the most unexpected moment and the joy I felt from it was unsurmountable. I was so grateful for this random act of kindness that I really want to return the favor to someone else who is deserving. Pay it forward!
Great printable for Random acts of kindness
faith in humanity? Restored.
Help someone.
Best. Reaction. Ever.
One Kind Word Can Change Someone’s Entire Day #Quotes
Love is enough of a reason
Pay It Forward – SERVICE CHALLENGE | 20 Acts of Service Ideas
Thought For The Day - September 30, 2012 | Inspiring Short Stories
Pay it Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Use this as a read aloud to celebrate Pay It Forward Day, on April 30 (for Illinois). Link to a heart warming and inspiring YouTube video as well. :)
so awesome
Do it for them...not for gratitude and compensation...
This is how you should treat a great server. | 42 Things We All Know To BeTrue
Kindness. It doesn't cost a damn thing. Sprinkle that shit everywhere. #hellyeah
St. Johns Bridge, Portland
pass it on if you can. . . . too sweet!
Pay it forward, thank someone for their "service," promote social justice, help in any way that you can
Wear it everyday.
Rained On 575 x 10 inches by YvetteTRuzicka on Etsy, $25.00
Saeri Dobson - Google+
Pay It Forward Behavior Intervention Unit.  This would be great to use during anti-bullying week. Our school could certainly use these ideas!
This challenge is only for the month of September but you don't need a challenge to be kind. Do it daily!