Fake Calligraphy Tutorial — iMake

Fake Calligraphy Tutorial — iMake

How to create fake calligraphy | Jones Design Company
The cheap, easy way to fake calligraphy (it's genius!)
How to fake great handwriting...
Calligraphy can really add some elegance and whimsy to your invitation envelopes. But if they don’t fit into your budget or you are feeling crafty, then check out these DIY calligraphy tutorials to try it yourself. Each has their own tricks and techniques
Joelle Charming Font.
How to 'fake' calligraphy when you don't have the right pen for it :P
Too intimidated to learn pointed pen calligraphy? This cheater's tutorial will help you fake it til you can make it.
how to create fake calligraphy- this is life-changing!