Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 28 Pics
DIY Monogrammed Twig Wreath Ornament - (The little twig wreaths would be cute to decorate natural too instead of spray painting them...)
ason jar lid Rooster Coasters Could cut out cork circles and stamp with anything! Great family gift!
Nature suncatcher wind chimes. Such an easy, fun activity. Brandy Flesock we should do this with the boys on Friday!
How to Mod Podge lids to make cute jars for organizing!
Fall For DIY Wooden Lidded Jars tutorial
Girly Woodland Party {Mushroom & Fairy Inspired}
how to make your own mason jar lid snowy scene - this is great for holiday decor or ornaments - - everything miniature is just so extra cute!! - - - Sugar Bee Crafts
So Clever! Make mini pies in 2 piece mason jar lids. The flat lifts crust up and out for easy removal -- like a 2 pc tart pan! Shown is removing pie crust from mason jar lids
ason Jar Lid Tree Ornaments. These are SO cute and easy to do. Customize with whatever material you would like.
ustic- love !Mason Jar Lid Wreath
15-Minute Fixes for your kitchen! Love this labeled spice drawer!
little art piece tin fridge magnets
Take leftover mason jar lids, wrap them in cord/rope/twine and create adorable wreath ornaments! Super easy and quick- perfect for kids or craft parties- and fun to embellish. #SadieSeasongoods
asjon Jar Craft | DIY Chalkboard Tags | Organization | Home Office | Playroom | Chalk Paint
Firefly camping quiet book page
Canning Jar Ring Pumpkin. This is what I'm going to do with all those random canning jar rings!! Looks so easy!!
ason Jar Lid Pies... Not everyone has mini pie pans. Everyone has mason jar lids laying around.
How clever! It's a pumpkin made from mason jar lids. #DIY #upcycle #reuse
Picture Magnets Made From Baby Food Jars! Super cute way to have fridge magnets and pictures.. I lime this but with Mason jar lids
Parmesan cheese canister lids do too. Nutella as well. This tip also works on some cans too (half a can of tomato sauce times). It seems like this is a stanrdar size, sorta. Wish they'd advertise it on the labels.
Now I know my ABCs | awesome recycled craft. Baby jar lids, wipes case and some ABC stickers = lots of fun
Hang mason jar lids on the underside of your cabinets for decorative storage. | 21 Weird Home Decorating Tricks That Might Actually Work
5 cool mason jars // mason jar lids + more
Fine motor buttons
Great idea.
Small containers that fit inside of a mason jar. Holds dressing or yogurt. Cool- cuppow
Great tip I learned from a butcher at Whole Foods. How to make perfectly uniformed hamburger patties. (good grief, have been making the ugliest/scariest looking burgers for 40 years and this is all it takes?!! :)
ason jar lid Christmas t
ason Jar Pumpkins leftovers - This is a craft for real people and real canners that always have old lids they can't reuse but aren't going to part with their much needed bands!
Banana Jam Recipe
Reuse old greeting cards used to decorate mason jar tops .
New to Food Preserving - Start Here - Home Food Preservation Basics - comparison of preservation methods, which method is best, home food preservation resources.
saic Cocktail Coasters made with jar lids, tiles and resin. Great instructions and can make it say anything you want
crochet pattern for jar lid cover
ason Jar Lid Picture Ornament
Paint lids of metal jars in kitchen
Best DIY Projects: Painted mason jar lids with pretty knobs, easy DIY and a great way to upcycle old jars!
Found objects sculpture - helps to scare hungry critters from nibbling in your fruit trees