Great design... Great article. (Click to read)

Great design... Great article. (Click to read)

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But as for me, I will sing each morning about your power and mercy. For you have been my high tower of refuge, a place of safety in the day of my distress.Psalm 59:16
someday, I'll have a surfboard cause I'll live right by the ocean & it will look like this one.
1911 MC Operator® .45ACP Pistols | Stainless Steel Handguns
Homemade Croissants, a recipe on Food52
Red White Blue Sangria
I just want to leave. All the time. I want to put in my headphones and drive and never come back and if one day I get the chance to do it I will. Don't underestimate me.
i like this as a first day gift for my kids. Reminder that it's ok to make mistakes. I think I will add a note before wrapping "It's OK to make mistakes, as long as you make the effort to correct them."
Coastal Cabana Eastern Elegance Thank You Card #stampinup
Baked Beans
Christian Inspirational Scripture - Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. ~ Christ Jesus
And slap that face.
I will use this in my classroom because it shows great classroom organization. Some students may not finish their work so having an area for them to place it and come back to finish it later is a very good idea so they can have a full opportunity to get c
cimicifuga, brunnera, sweet woodruff...planting for a shade garden
Perfect Warm Crumpets - Great for breakfast or anytime! Serve with your favorite jam, or eggs and bacon, delicious whichever way you like them!
The people experiencing the most pain tend to be the ones who are always trying to make others smile.
I stayin forevers no matter what people!!! PROUD DIRECTIONER #directionersnomatterwhat
baby golden retreiver
very true... once you play with my emotions I cut you off completely as if you don't even exist... I will be cordial but don't expect me to be friendly
Let me now in the comments if you want a follow!
Home made wasp trap. Never know when you might need this
agical Forest, Poland. Its so pretty!
I will so this come spring!! love the lavender in galvanized tub!
Revelation 21:5
Grow the biggest plants EVER, with this secret family recipe!
aking German Rouladen. It is great with German warm potato salad
Before I die, I WILL cosplay Anna from Frozen.
OMG!!!!!!! I have'nt had a pionono in over 10 years. Ok so I need to go back soon!!!!! :)
ha! love.
Super fudgy Nutella brownies...these are so rich and full of chocolate!
Ultimate Dog Tease. Love this video!! Seriously funny.  Take a moment to watch.
How to remove wallpaper - Sunset Mobile
I Will Love You 'Til The Cows Come Home - Exclusive To Rockett St George
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
I'm quite certain I have emails from a person proving this one. Crazy ass people.
How to get your brown/scraggly lawn into golf course style lawn in 1 season...Yes please
Also known as the Devil’s Pulpit, Finnich Glen is about 30 minutes away from Glasgow. According to local lore, the gorge used to be used by druids as a secret meeting place.
And through the miles i will wait for him, for when the time comes it will be all the more enjoyable.
aui Ocean Center: Underwater tunnel
Omg. Adorable!