pit bull
Pitbulls Make Great Pillows
People just hate pitt bulls because they are raised in the wrong fashion. If you raise them like a normal dog instead of a fighting menace, they are actually quite adorable :) and I will have one someday!
"Petey" was a Pit Bull!  The canine companion of Darla, Alfalfa and Buckwheat on the Little Rascals was chosen because in the depression era, Pitties were considered so good with children that they were nicknamed "nanny dogs."
little girl and her very patient dog ~ So cute and perhaps her her was auburn red :)...
Do Pit Bulls Make Good Family Pets? I had my first experience with a pit bull about seven years ago. My husband had a beautiful red nosed male...
Vicious child attacks helpless pit bull!
pit bulls where also called the nanny dogs that proves how loving they are some people can be mean i hope they can see the love in pit bulls they are loving and caring animals i have three wonderful pit bulls best animals ever
A man's best friend.
And everyone thinks pitbulls are bad because of their aggressive behavior when really it's not the behavior of the breed, it's how the leader taught and trained their dog to be.