Red blood cells bottle necklace. Awesome science jewelry. Polymer clay suspended in clear gel.

Red blood cells bottle necklace. Awesome science jewelry. Polymer clay suspended in clear gel.

15 Beautiful Microscopic Images from Inside the Human Body
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Worksheets: Basic Human Anatomy: Blood
Funny biology pun joke - two red blood cells met and fell in love but alas it was all in vein
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What is PNH "paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria"?     PNH is a rare disorder in which red blood cells are prone to destruction by parts of one's own immune system. And, more info here.
Thank goodness for machines with the capability to do differentials now. I used to do these with a hand counter. :)
Blood Type Chart: Facts and Information on Blood Group Types - Information regarding blood types including charts showing donor compatibility, and a child's likely blood group depending on their parents blood type.
The Respiratory System | gas exchange and transport
Watercress has the ability to cleanse and oxygenate tissues for better blood flow and glowing skin. It has a high amount of iron, which helps your red blood cells carry more oxygen to the body and the skin. Additionally, it is rich in iron.
10 Best Iron Rich Foods For Your Kids
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Red blood cell on a needle, coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM). Composite SEM of a single red blood cell on the tip of a needle.
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Circulation game. Approved by Doctor Ted, book by Andrea Beaty.
Parts of the Blood lesson with edible ingredients. Learn about plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.
3 Healthy Foods to Avoid Feeding Dogs
Human Body Science for Kids. How to make a model of blood with ingredients from the kitchen. #handsonscience
Sickle Cell Disease
REALLY good kids video to explain how red blood cells carry oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the heart.
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Share Tweet + 1 Mail Anemia is a relatively common condition (more commonly seen in women) that is characterized by having either a low ...
model of blood - bit gross but so good!
Red Blood Cell Morphology Quick Reference
Red-blooded Tyrannosaurus rex - 20 years ago, paleontologist Mary Schweitzer made an astonishing discovery. Peering through a microscope at a slice of dinosaur bone, she spotted what looked for all the world like red blood cells. It seemed utterly impossi