13 DIY Cat Tower Ideas

13 DIY Cat Tower Ideas

diy wall shelves cat tower
Seriously creative cat lovers on this planet. "Lurv it" is the correct blurb in this situation
Here's a condo your cats will love! From the folks at Auntie Em Creations
The 20 Best Cat Towers - Wow. Would love the tree house. Someone needs to start inventing cat furniture that goes with the human furniture in a space, though.
7 Cute Cats Enjoying DIY Projects Their Humans Made For Them | Apartment Therapy
A modern homemade cat tower by designer Ilshat Garipov first showed up on Reddit, and was shared by Home Tree Atlas.
i want a cat tree, but not an overpriced crap tree from the stores... i saw these cat trees on the road while driving through Harvard, looked them up online and now I WANT ONE!
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So this is for a purchased cat tower; however, with a quick trip to a home improvement store and Goodwill it can be home-made
What kitty wouldn't want this? Give your cat a really cool place to hang out this summer | Cat Condos, Cat Beds and other assorted Cat Furniture
Cut out squares in a bookshelf to create a kitty exercise tower. | 26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner's Life Easier
This tall cat activity tree with hammock is specially designed for those who love heights. A great pole for up to four fully grown cats. The only problem you will have is who gets the top cat bed!
diy cat tree
I saved drawers out of our kitchen last year with the intent to create a cat tree out of them.  I had no idea that someone else had the same idea!
Hanging cat bed -- this would be so easy to make.  My cat would love this~!
* * WHITE CAT:  " Yooz better beast careful usin' dat wheel. Anyone coulds mistake you for a giant black rodent.
Cathouse - been reluctant to put up a bird feeder because the cats are such successful birders.  Now I can put up cat houses! Julie Forrest Palmer ...think Mr B.H. Would like this??? Haha
hicat indoor climbing pole
n my honor...: I spent the whole weekend making a scratching post...
Our cats would love one of these! I'd like my bed to myself once in a while, I'm off to make one!
Lack the space but want a kitty perch...here's an idea!
Cat climber that hangs on the door. Net idea
Cat furniture - article is not helpful, just pinning for the picture idea.
Amazing cat condo / box / tree !!!! Think I can make the bottom one big enough to hide the litter box. Maybe add a hinged door on the side of the bottom box for easy litter box access??? Keep the dog from hunting for "treasure" in the cat box. I
Kitty with Balloon
Round Up: 6 VERY Cool and DIYable Cat Trees » Curbly | DIY Design Community - - - I really like the ladder one!
Cool ferret toy- tower of fun! | The Holistic Ferret Forum
Cat Climbing Tower by TrendyCat Design
Amazing cat tower that they climb and explore from the inside, very pretty. Would be a great option as an exclosure in a shelter, I always feel so bad for shelter cats in their tiny homes
DIY: How to build a Cat Tree  (have fun, make it perfect for your cats and save a ton of money!)
Star Trek Cat Tree For Trekkies With Cats. Now I want a cat so I can have this. Wonder if my dog would like it?
Perfect kitty tower made with wood for scratching...
cat scratch trees | How To Make Your Own Cat Tower or Cat Tree
Outdoor cat enclosure with real tree cat tower... because I'm an overprotective crazy cat lady ;)
The 20 Best Cat Towers...i like the one displayed minus the pointy castle cones.
Don't know why I'm pinning this....I'm allergic to cats. BUT this cat bed/ cat tower is so dang clever! Cut holes in upscale storage boxes.
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at www.etsy.com/...