Lustiges aus Papptellern

Lustiges aus Papptellern

little red hen bread
Five Spring Ideas from Plastic Spoons
Cooking in the Classroom: Baking Bread with The Little Red Hen BREAD in a bag...AWESOME
HEN: The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza). Emergent Reader printable.
Fractions - Great ideas for introducing Fractions (Start with 1/2 one day, go into 1/3 and 1/4 the next day).
HEN:  The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza).  Pizza song/pocket chart activity.
What a great worksheet from the education center. If you don't use it as a story extender, great for animal sounds!
Hands-on retelling of the classic Little Red Hen story!
Boy Mama Teacher Mama Books About Birds.jpg
Preschool Storytime Craft 3/20/13 - Easter bunny and chickens
cute chicken printable and a cute bunny that rocks back and forth - use for "The Little Red Hen" craft
Life in First Grade: The Little Red Hen Activities and Craft
The Little Red Hen with pig, cat, and duck. Text included on screen. Characters give excuses for not helping.
Chick Craft
play dough with crops for harvesting, what I love best about this picture and this activity is the large amount of dough and  the natural materials that the children are using, never forget that nature is important!
Printable Little Red Hen Counting Book {1-5} for preschool or kindergarten
Artsy Craftsy Mom: The little Red Chicken - Guest post at Itsy Bitsy Blog #Children's craft #pompom #icecreamstick  #pipecleaners #foam-dots
Paper plate craft
Fun for the tables on a VDC weekend! Add a Bible verse.
Little Red Hen Literacy Pack: Retelling includes storyboard, Letter Writing, Word Family "-en" Game, Writing to Sequence the Story. $
Little Red Hen sensory play. Links to other traditional tales here too.
string quilt
We read The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza and made a pizza with 100 toppings and 100 pieces of cheese.  Plus more 100 day activities
The Little Red Hen craft to go with the classic story
Bakery Sensory Table
****Amazing Blog with awesome ideas to go along with great stories The Little Red Hen Sequencing Activity
A pizza-themed lesson using books, graphs, and a listen and read activity.