little piggies
I really like little piglets
When i get older, I dont care what anyone says. No one is stoping me from getting a pet teacup pig. They are the cutest things ever! Favorite animal EVER.
I have wanted a little pig I can keep in the house for as long as I can remember. So cute
baby pigs
what cute animal!
Teacup pig. I WANT ONE
22. “I think you’re the light at the end of my tunnel.” | Community Post: 23 Pickup Lines From Teacup Pigs
black and white teacup pig
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Need this!!!
Teacup pig... :)
mini pig
Pig bath!
This little piggie stayed home....Dear God, I think this picture caused me to just overdose on cute! :)
Tea pigs
Cuteness Overload .....
awww!! smiling piggie!!
In case you were having a bad day, here's baby pig enjoying a shower..
icro Mini Pot Belly Pigs
lil pig in a hammock
Vetstreet's Dr. Patty Khuly discusses the many reasons why she strongly discourages the idea of people keeping pet mini pigs or teacup pigs.
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