why I love cats....
Great dane family
Oh Patty Weir, look at this Dane!!Littlehorse Great Danes: Al Capone
Great Dane puppy.....exact color i want!
A dog named Blue
Now that's a big dog
just a couple of hipsters...
irror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest Great Dane of them all? It's hard to choose with Petplan family members Tess and Colbi dressed in their Sunday best!
Great Dane Harlequin Mug Ceramic 3D Cup Collectibles 00003 | madamepomm - Pets on ArtFire
great-dane-mommy-and-her-puppies with a guest...
Blue Great Dane Puppy. Fun fact: Great Danes are considered one of the best apartment dogs on account of their "lazy" and aloof temperament.
Honey, the Great Dane therapy dog
Valerie Davide...love this face  love her art---i own about 4 of these (not originals unfortunately), but i still love them.
Lily a 6 year old great dane lost his eyesight due to a rare disease. He became... disheartened until he met Madison. They have been together for 5 years and Madison guides Lily by the leash and touches him to make sure he doesnt stumble over anything.
Can't decide between a brindle or a blue dane!
Small Backyard Ponds "Saw this... thought I should re-pin!!!"
i cannot stop laughing
I love this... In memory of my Marmaduke (Great Dane)... and my two new babies Lillie and Thor (English Mastiffs)
Great Dane Humor Best Seat in house Dog Pet Animal
This cracks me up! This would be Cameron instead of a dog though
This is the exact color I've been obsessing over! I saw a GD this shade at the dog park and fell in LOVE!
We've taken a vote.....the Danes own the couch now. YOU get the uncomfortable dog bed on the floor. Now, go lay down.
#greatdane #dogs. Nothing like a big sad face and a happy hiney/tail to make you smile!
Horseshoe Welding Projects | ... welding techniques to heat and shape horseshoes into amazing
I made this today after shopping for a elevated dog feeder for my Great Dane. Online they run $30+ and some of them dont have a storage area for the food. If you dont mind not having the designer look, the container (18 gallon tote) was $7@ Walmart, the f
y FAVORITE breed of dog, no clipped ears too! Great Dane!
Photos of #Great #Dane puppy
This Great Dane is the largest dog in the world at 7 ft. long, 250 lbs, and is afraid of chihuahuas. >> WOW!
Anyone relate?
dream dog - great dane/dalmation mix ♥
hilarious big dogs who think they're little
Great Danes.. Gentle giants
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Cute #Dane puppy