A Crystal Graziano (@Crystal Graziano) Mega collage featuring possibly one of the best Power Girl #cosplay’s ever!

A Crystal Graziano (@Crystal Graziano) Mega collage featuring possibly one of the best Power Girl #cosplay’s ever!

geek with curves: DIY Cosplay Repair Kit (( One day for when I have a booth, Imma have a bunch of these for cosplayers uwu ))
Pirates by A New Hope Producitons, via Flickr
gas mask
steampunk ninja!! (at least I think she is)
Natsu Dragneel (from Fairy Tail) #Anime #Rule63 #Cosplay (Me: Gender ender N-Natsu? O-OK... kinda cool! Different...)
Corset Construction Tutorial
The Riddler
Kakashi, Naruto cosplay.  This one has the look but the personality is missing!  Do something with yourself lol
Sif is so awesome!!! She's one of the few girl superhero characters that doesn't bug me.
undertaker black butler | Undertaker by ~Toadysplatch on deviantART
Fandom Fashion
Before I die, I WILL cosplay Anna from Frozen.
Tutorial on making your own Iron man costume. (Will use the general instruction to make an Iron "Maiden" costume :D)
xo Mia - Style, Cosplay, & Living the Geek Life: Cosplay 101: Basic Makeup Guide (Part 1)
Otaku House Cosplay Idol 2012 » PandaBestest : Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender. #cosplay
DragonCon Powerpuff Girls-5
Cinderella, Disney.
Le Chevalier D'Eon Cosplay by *Jibril-Cosplay on deviantART
28 Awesome Deadpool Cosplay Pictures
Ah, I love these suspenders. :) a few mods and i could wear these... (but i'd love it for Cosplay too...maybe I'll make 2 pairs) oh yeah, the link is to a site by a cosplayer called Jia with directions on how to make your own. Love it. :)
Beautifully detailed female Captain America cosplay at San Diego Comic Con 2013
Little Queen Amidala, photo by LJinto at SDCC. I used to love Queen Amidala! This little girl's costume is amazing!
This Star Wars Rebels Sabine Cosplay Is Fantastic
Kratos from God of War looking for Zeus by the escalator | 20 Cosplays So Awesome It Makes You Wonder Why You Try
Wonder Woman. DC.
ulan Cosplay
Jack Frost & Elsa
Sinon #sao #ggo
beard tutorial for cosplay. not planning on cosplayong anyone with a beard but still good to know
Got a sweet costume last year? Vamp it up with one of these mashups.
tal Kombat
Batgirl by Otto Schmidt *
Darkseid vs Superman
"It's a trap!" -- Admiral Ackbar/Playboy Bunny Cosplay
Boris Airay, Alice in the Country of Hearts *squeeee fan girl moment*
How to Make Movable Wings | ... Creepers 2, Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2 Hero Full Size Creeper Wings
aking thigh high boots - The cheats way by LolaInProgress #diy #cosplay #shoes
WOAH! Amazing Archer cosplay.