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You are the creator of your own experience. You live in a vibrational universe. You have control of the signal that you emit. ~ Abraham Hicks ~
Sparks Lake, Bend, Oregon, United States of America.
▶ Abraham Hicks: You CAN Control Your Vibration! - This is one of the best Abe clips ever!
Abraham Hicks ~Control Reality - YouTube
Ask for what you need, Hold your vision(focus) , Believe you deserve it, trust the process and let go. you would see how the universe would conspire to mainifest effortlessly . Abraham Hicks
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Daily Quotation for July 23, 2012 #quote #quoteoftheday What you focus on grows. - Barefoot Doctor
Abraham Hicks - When others are Evaluating You - Published on Apr 4, 2015, YouTube
"Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself." - Buddha
Law of Attraction - It is about their thoughts/beliefs/intentions towards themselves ..
Law of Attraction - Abraham Hicks Quotes
By Marta Orlowska
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Catch The Sun; Abraham Hicks - ♪♫ High flying disc guarantee! ▶ SasM!X | repinned by Loving With Joy
Olympic National Park, Washington
Knysna Lagoon. South Africa
Light of Abraham Hicks - LOVE and LIGHT world
the small things | KARMOMO
Synchronicity happens when you align with the flow of the universe rather than insisting the universe flow your way.  ▶   - Law of Attraction's effect on like components. ~ Abraham Hicks _____________________________  repinned  by Loving With Joy
ake your own Momentum
Recently, on a CD I was listening to I heard the speaker refer to a “focus wheel” and wondered what she was talking about.  Today, on my lunch break, I decided that it was the perfect time for me t...
Abraham Hicks - Appreciation is my final key! Feel-it-M!X
Abraham-Hicks Quotes (AHQ512)
hide out
♥ Want To Transform Your Life? Sit In Silence. “Silence is a source of great strength.” Lao Tzu
Let it in....
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WHAT YOU REALLY WANT IS THE PATH  Abraham Hicks ~ When you're on your way, you're not there.  _____________________________  repinned  by Loving With Joy