The orcs leave no survivors, and it is sometimes months or years before a lost settlement is even known to be destroyed.

The orcs leave no survivors, and it is sometimes months or years before a lost settlement is even known to be destroyed.

Awesome elf
Batman superhero Letter Room monogram decoration decor Dark knight Kids or Game room. $12.00, via Etsy.
steampunk armor!
다시쓰는 게임원화가 일러스트레이터 기민우 : 네이버 블로그
knight cat: crohetbra
Famous Olympic Quotes To Get Inspired About The Games
nerime: “alistair theirin is an adorable dork, pass it on walk walk fashion bby ”
Sif is so awesome!!! She's one of the few girl superhero characters that doesn't bug me.
awesome!! i totally wish my creative writing teacher would give me prompts like this :P
Deadly Warrior Illustration by Vadim Markenchov | #Fantasy #Warriors #DangerousWomen
Sir Patrick Stewart :-)
SkullKnight by animot
Balloons in Red, White, and Blue
The Joker - The Dark Knight | The Most Amazing Pop Culture Art You Will Ever See
y latest love!
Vdb ©Stefano Crea
Loved the Joker. My favourite part is where he 'waddles' away from the hospital. Long live Heath Ledger.
knight's table--theme for Blue & Gold
A high-born lady knight
s. Knight's Smartest Artists: Pop-Up Architecture in Kindergarten
Super Smash Bros.: Snake, Jigglypuff, Mario, Pikachu, Zelda, Kirby, Princess Zelda, Link, Toon Link, Samus, Meta Knight, Yoshi, Marth, Ike, Lucas (by やまかじ, Pixiv Id 2687461)
But, like, so wrong it’s good…right? | For Everyone Who Has A "Thing" For Redhead Men
Andrea Håkansson -The Amber Dress - A dress for the wife of a knight
Knight Sweatshirt | 20 Sweatshirts You Need In Your Life Immediately. I want some of the other ones.
Character by bluerainCZ on deviantART
a dravener: a type of demon that can cause death just by looking at someone/creature. They have the ability of mind control, and can make someone go completely mad. They can shapeshift into a crow/raven. And are known for there rituals which involve human
Eoin Macken, Gwaine from BBC's Merlin. Because everyone needs at least one picture of Gwaine before he became a knight and got all....responsible and stuff
The Dark Knight Art
Valknut Pauldrons by ~vofffka on deviantART extra protection for Dolan's weapon-lifting shoulder
kris knight
6 The INTJ Explained - will never know love truer. Yes.
I love this cut!!!
7 Ways to Bore the Heck Out of Your Interviewer @Brazen Careerist
Two knights fighting, probably at a tournament. This was a way knights could practice and hone their skill for war.
Tom Hardy