Funny #Sayings | Top 11 #Funny Sayings that will make you ROFL

Funny #Sayings | Top 11 #Funny Sayings that will make you ROFL

Bow flats
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Falling up the stairs.<<you could say it's... Unnatural...
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Zimbio thinks my favorite color is Black! How about you? mine is actually blue, purple, or pink
Do you love cabbage rolls, but hate the tedious process of cooking, stuffing and rolling the cabbage leaves without breaking the leaves into 5 pieces!? That is so me! Then to have a complete meal i...
I adore pretty things & witty words / Kate Spade
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People who whine! Esp those who do it unnecessarily; those who pretend they are incapable, when the moon and his mother know they can! Stop moaning & get on with the job!
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"I turn the music louder so I won't hear my thoughts but it's stupid because the lyrics remind me of what I'm trying to forget." #Drake #Drizzy #Quotes
Love this ecard.
If I'm not attracted to a guy i can flirt up a storm. If I am i sm so freaking awkward. Have no clue how the hell i ever ended up with my man. Lol
lol so true
I think too much. I think ahead. I think behind. I think sideways. I think it all. If it exists, I've fucking thought of it.
this is perfect!! I need it!
So true!
baby Groot Figure- polymer clay, hand sculpted on Etsy, $22.50
Im sure that's what people say about us.. Lol
She's got a heavy heart, a messy soul, a reckless mind and I think it's beautiful the way she carries herself. #women #beautiful #quotes
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Lol, yup!
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lol. but really…use them
Can I call ya back?
If donating similar outfit, please consider Anna's request that is appropriate length and style for business casual/professional/PR environments. Also please disregard brand names. This is to assist with targeting style and clothing needs, not to sati
Or realise how you run around using people for your own emotional needs. Not happening ! I'm done with the bullshit. Sad really.
Yes. Yes it is.