ix up a batch of mortar (which is cement mixed with an aggregate), pour it into a mold (here a foil pan was used), then decorate with shells, sea glass or beach pebbles, and let dry. Easy!
Prada SS 2013
I love this whole site! Cute arts and crafts items that we could probably get some ideas from.
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maid's Tiara-Wedding Hair Accessory-Sea Shell Flower Crown-Beach Wedding Hair Crown-Crown of Shells
I love this! Driftwood and Shell Flower, Reclaimed Wood Flower, Rustic Home Decor, Beach Home Decor
shell flowers mosaic like on tile + DIY + really easy to do this..make trivet or hang..or even larger on table top..or lamps + Beach Cottage Decor + Coastal Living + Nautical
Shell Flower tutorial
Clam shell centerpiece for a beach/coastal theme
Driftwood and Seashell Wreath
y friend picks the shells off the beach and creates beach shells. They are so pretty. I have a set in my livingroom.
I want something like this for my hand to go with the mermaid/flower theme sleeve I'm working on
I think I am going to Hobby Lobby to get a bag of shells to make a pot like this
Sea Shell Art. I love this! Every time we visit the beach, we'll make a flower to remember our trip.
These things are great for your heart and your art!!!
DIY succulents made out of pistachio shells (wreath is scary, but I can't think of a better use for them...lol. ;-))