Save space and your zucchinis from pests by growing them upright in a tomato cage. What a great idea!

Save space and your zucchinis from pests by growing them upright in a tomato cage. What a great idea!

Flip a tomato cage upside down and plant with succulents for year round green both inside and outside. Via Tracy Porter
Growing Summer Squash Vertically | Grow a Good Life |   Growing summer squash vertically by trellising or in tomato cages helps to save space, encourages air circulation, and allows the squash to be more visible reducing the chance of overgrowth.
For Friday night Bon fire  too cute @Mindi Manuel @Regenia Manuel
Witchy Porch
Ideas for supporting tomato plants. A whole row for tomatoes, cukes, etc. planted on the far side, and shade tolerant lettuces, radishes and beets underneath.
Cucumber Teepee- just an idea since my cucumber plant took over last year.
just planted some tomato seeds... This looks so much nicer than the wire cages.
dollar store hula skirts, hat glasses! use tomato cage for shape
ake a Giant Outdoor Kerplunk Game From Tomato Cages: Who doesn't love a game of Kerplunk? When the weather gets warm, head outside and make a giant version of the game out of tomato cages. Better yet, fill it with water balloons for some fun play.  So
How to make cage Christmas trees! Plus, how to make three different sizes!
Very cute DIY ghosts for outside. All you need is a tomato cage, yarn, lights, and a sheet.
What Size Pot? Use the guide for the minimum pot size for many vegetables and herbs. This guide is for one plant per container unless noted otherwise; if you want to plant multiples, go up at least one size. Be sure to give plants proper support. Insert a
Create a tomato cage topiary for the #fall season #FallDIY ~ Stephanie Lynn
ake This Awesome (and easy) Petunia Plant
lovely garden
tomato cage
Planters made of tomato stands. One method to create elevated heights for potted plants in garden beds.
How to Grow Potatoes in Towers - Sunset
Cucumbers - upside down tomato cages for them to climb up...  cheaper & easier than building a trellis.
DIY Tomato Cage Caterpillar House
last forever tomato cages
Squash (or zucchini) trained upward using a circular tomato cage
Tomato cage wrapped in lights outside on porch. What a great idea! Especially since mine won't go into this rock of clay we are built upon... not like they've been used much...
The Garden - Raised Beds
Blogger Michelle Hinckley spotted colorful tomato cages at The Home Depot and turned them into plant stands. We have her simple how-to on The Home Depot Blog.
Tomato Cage Christmas Tree
Wall cone with deco mesh
How to build a rustic branch & twig tuteur
Creepy cute front yard decor for All Hallows Eve! Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween night will love it.
Easy 4x4 Raised Bed Plan for Summer Garden
Planters made of tomato stands
Tomato Cage Christmas Tree-- Did this last year!!  Great front porch decor!!
Ella Claire - tomato hacks
The Best Homemade Tomato Cages - Organic Gardening - MOTHER EARTH NEWS
Love these plant cages! How pretty!!
Plant 8 cucumber seeds at the base of a 4-6 foot tomato cage and "help" it climb up the cage. It takes less garden space and makes harvesting easier. I did this for the first time last year and it is the best method I have ever used.
DIY Tomato Cages from Cottage at the Crossroads
How to Make a {$2} Tomato Cage!
ake a giant outdoor Kerplunk game from tomato cages