diy snowy photo backdrop. (take a thick white poster board, fake flake snow and mod podge)

diy snowy photo backdrop. (take a thick white poster board, fake flake snow and mod podge)

Here's a great idea for setting up a floor size coordinate grid for working with ordered pairs.
Never buy another craft cone again!! Cyndy created a template for 5 sizes of craft cones that are used to make sturdy cones out of rolled poster board. These cones are just as durable as the paper mache (because they are rolled twice). The Creativity Exch
65 memories of angie - the guest will get to write the tags and pin to a board / line. Obviously in a much more stylish display!
Autobots unite in a DIY frame! We used poster board and Transformers streamers, then added number cutouts from an official Transformers banner.
How to make giant snowflakes
60th Birthday Book - possibility for Grandma G's 90th?
Use a poster board, any kind of squared wood for bottom with edges and christmas lights. Cut any size holes in the posterboard . christmas lights sit on bottom of square. shape the poster board and use a thin line of hot glue to hold them together.
This set has a simplistic look to it, but it's fun and whimsical at the same time. I could see this in the storytime room.
This is easy too.  We can either just use solid color poster board or foam board and paint polka dots, then print those thwack things.  Maybe Mar can have red and Tatsu blue?
Personalize these graduation party yard signs to let guests know exactly where your party is at. A fun addition to any graduation party!
Travel stamp vinyl wall decals, for my travel room. would look great on poster board in a frame.
Ceiling Swirls - fun and festive! Buy ready made at a party store or make your own out of colorful posterboard cut into spirals.
DIY Photobooth Wall. Paint your own VBS theme idea onto the front. Neat idea.
If you have problems with the natural lighting and don’t have money for quality artificial lighting, maybe the solution for you could be this DIY Project - DIY Softbox Spiderlite.
stop yelling and start making them responsible..sometimes a visual will help them to remember where they're at and curb naughty behavior.
Library Displays: eBooks--good way to showcase an otherwise invisible collection
Duct tape Hats/HeadGear/Etc.  Might come in handy for costumes.
Cut circles out of poster board, spray paint, and glue onto a canvas. | 39 Easy DIY Ways To Create Art For Your Walls
Cut-out ideas for super mario-themed party
Foam-core board valance base. Uses duct tape to hold corners and splice...maybe add poster board strip to joint for reinforcement?
DIY marquee letters
DIY Scented Colored Glue
Fairy wing tutorial.
DIY: Large Number Birthday Collage for Ben's First Birthday!
Letter Identification. I am so making this and then using it for numbers, letters, and words
Clever, clever!!! Corner units with a board across them!
creative tri fold poster board ideas - Google Search
Just for fun, I used an airplane paper punch and extra navy poster board to cut out the shapes. I sprayed them with spray adhesive and then just stuck them inside the shade randomly! (The light is low voltage and the paper is not hot at all…I checked.) I
Recreate your most awkward elementary school portrait by decorating a foam poster board to represent those awful, '90's themed photo backdrops and wear it like a backpack, then wear an ugly, Goodwill sweater and put your hair in a lumpy ponytail o
Cut giant swirls out of poster board to hang from the ceiling.
Tell your guests the story of your love with an info-graphic wedding invitation.
thatsavannahperson: Publicity! #reslife #duty #yay
Large Gears - Hanging Decoration from the Robots & Gears Collection via Etsy
Great upholstery tips!
y Flower Headboard. This project can be used for many other things as well besides just headboards! Things You'll Need: *Tri Fold Cardboard Poster Board (Cut to the size you want) *Fake Flowers Removed From Stems (Trim backs of flowers if necessary) *
For your drawers, use thick sheets of posterboard to create compartments for all your makeup needs. | 52 Meticulous Organizing Tips To Rein In The Chaos
Have you ever painted a wall and realized after you were done that you hated it?? I have. Come learn these 8 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wall Color. You will never choose a bad color again!!
Diy canvas art
Cut circles out of poster board, spray paint to a color of your liking, and glue onto a canvas. simple, creative, decorative, cheap DIY apartment home wall art