The Australian Cattle Dog. Also known as the Queensland Heeler, this herding dog was originally developed in Australia in the 19th century, New South Wales. Cattle farmer Thomas Hall crossed the dogs used by drovers in his parents' home county, Northu
Puppies by the pan how cute. ~ Cute puppy and dog
Blue Heeler
Cowboy sitting on a horse holding his Blue heeler dog
sheltie puppy...i demand one at once!
Adorable puppy photos of a Blue Heeler dog relaxing.PNG
Blue Heeler sheep dog sleeping on top of some herded sheep!
Love this breed!!!!
Blue heeled puppy
Read this article if even thinking about getting one! These are not Golden Retrievers - your Cattle Dog will not be a pushover to train! - the result will be a charming, intelligent, and attractive adult dog.
Cattle dog! Cute!!
Blue Heeler,holy cuteness!
Blue Heeler, Australian Cattle Dog
Blue Heeler, Australian Cattle Dog SO CUTE!!!
This dog who can’t handle this new hat he just bought at the thrift shop.
good cow
Lewis the Mixed Breed
Lewis the Mixed Breed -- Puppy Breed: Australian Cattle Dog / German Shepherd Dog / Golden Retriever
"Chooey" an Australian Cattle Dog rescue in New South Wales, napping on fluffy sheep on her final day at the resuce before heading to her adoptive home.
Australian Cattle Dog ✿⊱╮
I want my first puppy to look something this (Australian cattle dog mixed with an Australian shepherd)
Dakota is an adoptable Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Dog in Crocker, MO.
awww....looks like Zelda!! Red-Heeler
I'm ready....are you ?
Queensland Blue Heeler puppy guarding the ground. Australian Cattle Dog Dogs Puppy Hound Pups Dog Puppies
Queensland Blue heeler Australian cattle dog
Blue Heeler cuteness. I want another puppy...
Australian Cattle Dog, aka Blue Heeler
australian cattle dog | Download Herding Dogs picture, 'Australian Cattle Dog'.
Australian cattle dogs...Blue & Red Heeler's Love this breed so smart and loyal!
Love australian cattle dogs
A Red & a Blue Heeler, also known as Australian Cattle Dogs. Great dogs!
Australian Cattle Dog Puppy
Australian Cattle Dog Red Heeler | Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.