Vegan chocolate covered cheesecakes that you make in an ice tray! Perfect for hors d'oeuvres or portion control.

Vegan chocolate covered cheesecakes that you make in an ice tray! Perfect for hors d'oeuvres or portion control.

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Eucalyptus shower bombs. Substitute any essential oil for different effects
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Easy 5 Minute Pizza Sauce (Edit: I made this pizza sauce (It's fantastic!) & froze the leftovers. I thawed some of the leftovers, added some dried thyme and minced garlic as well as some balsamic vinegar and olive oil and voila, pasta sauce!)
Sweet mosaic mini hearts. Just plaster of paris of craft cerement in the ikea heart ice cube tray, and some broken plates, cups or mugs- Could get from charity shops. Cute around the garden or porch.
Great Bathroom Organization Ideas #organized #organization
yogurt frozen in ice cube trays and then all smoothie ingredients in individual baggies for easy making later!
ade with ice cube trays!
Lemon Ice Cubes are perfect for flavoring your water and great for detox! #icecubes #healthy #kitchentip
make your own peanut butter cups in ice cube trays (seriously looks easy, just a few ingredients)
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Give toddlers choices and small portions and it will keep them curious (they will try more foods) and they will eat better.
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Easy frozen treat for pups! Apple slices frozen in an ice cube tray with chicken broth
love this ice cubes
DIY Cleaning Power If you have a dishwasher you know how expensive those little cleaning tablets can be. Why not make your own using some common household products and the ever so handy ice cube tray? All you need is baking soda, borax, vinegar, a bit of
UM pretty sure this is the best idea. EVER. Sooo yum.
diy smoothie packs  freezing yogurt ahead of time is a game changer.
Ice Painting- a FUN way to keep cool this Summer!
Strawberry Jam with gelatin - The Healthy Honeys.  Can use any kind of fruit to make this jelly.
Skillet meals in a bag - THESE ARE AWESOME! I substituted turkey sausage and ground turkey w/ whole wheat pasta and made double batches for myself and a friend - THEY ARE GREAT!!!!!
ice cube tray crayons.. she melted them in the microwave, but it's so hot here I could probably melt them more easily in my car.
shark ice tray. Yes.
Homemade Ravioli Recipe (made completely from scratch!) with goat cheese and spinach filling in Parmesan cream sauce with mushrooms. Detailed , step-by-step photo tutorial.
diy hello kitty chocolate pops   1. use hello kitty ice cube tray as mold  2. melt chocolate (I used ghiradelli white chocolate with red food coloring)  3. pop choclate cubes out  4. Heat the end of a stick with boiling water. Poke a hole in the head.   5
Instead of just fruiting water...make fruit ice cubes for your water!! Oh-me-oh-my how refreshing this would be in the Summer!
Travelers Soap-cute idea
Fill your ice cube trays with water, adding a drop of food coloring to each section. When frozen, these can be popped out and put in bath water. They’ll have fun “chasing” them around in the tub and trying to grab them before they melt.
akes every drink look like the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park are sneaking up on you! Or just cool ice cubes!
Hans solo in Carbonite Ice cube tray. Hilarious.
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How to make chicken broth in your slow cooker. You'll never buy canned broth again!
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Wine ice cubes