With Jeanne at Biscayne National Park : Gallery : A Cherry On Top I like the shifted layers
Attention Grabbers.  To get the class' attention, The teacher says a certain phrase and students have a response to say back.  Ex: teacher: "Hocus Pocus"  Then students say: "Everybody focus"  Or, T says: "Chicka Chicka"
I have a real interest in character naming, which was why I compiled the master list of historically accurate Regency names a little while ago. For this list, I got a little help from The New Baby ...
Get your groove on with Oh in the movie Home. Sponsored by DreamWorks.
Whole Brain Teaching: Grade 1 Classroom - YouTube
Yes please...
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Attention Grabbers... drive.google.com/...
I love these attention getters!! Fun and effective!
Attention grabbers for children
When all else fails, spray Quiet Spray into the air! | 27 Attention-Getters For Quieting A Noisy Classroom
50 fun call-and-response ideas to get students' attention - This is a great list!
Attention Grabbers for the classroom (This is 1 of 2 pages)
inds in Bloom: 20 Ways to Keep Your Students' Attention