Wish I had all this Pyrex

Wish I had all this Pyrex

One of the things that we like best about this recipe is that it contains no artificial ingredients. So you have full control over what you are feeding your family - and believe us, that's a good thing: Many commercially available "big brand"
DIY glass etching.
Vintage Pyrex Butterfly Gold Collectibles by sweeteuropeandreams, $54.00
3 Bean Salad ~ This is just like how my mother made it! LOVE THIS RECIPE!
Confessions of a Pyrex Hoarder Part 1: Why and How to Display
Pyrex collection ♥
The pattern I grew up with
Cucumber, Tomato & Onion Salad
sweet mid century caraffe
vintage Pyrex casserole
Yellow Daisy Glasbake Casserole Collection at WestSideCreative via Etsy
This homemade bread recipe looks like the perfect addition to dinner! I'd also maybe slice it for small sandwiches.
How to Cook Perfect Spaghetti Squash in 15 minutes or less every time in the microwave
Glass Etching - personalized baking dishes!
Would love to have something like this in my home someday. . . I guess I am a quirky eclectic???
Vintage metal kitchen cart - Ours was white also pyrex!
Butterfly Gold Mixing Bowl Set
Vintage Pink gooseberry, Pyrex Bowls
How to Cook Perfect Spaghetti Squash in 15 minutes or less every time in the microwave | jenny at dapperhouse
A hoard of catherineholm
Love this collection and would love to be able to do this one day with my great grandma's cabinet that looks like this.
Oh my goodness, I think I'll faint! Vintage Kid's Play Pyrex!!! wish i could find these
Love this Hoosier Cabinet
Oh So Lovely Vintage: Pyrex Pattern Identification Guide! (Part 2)
Great website for info/dates on pyrex
Snack sets
Bluebird Notes- Vintage Pyrex Collection Clearly my hutch is much too small for my future (and ever growing) collection...
Glass bowl ceramic plate popcorn kernels = perfectly popped popcornin microwave. No bag. No butter or oil. Nothing to throw awayafterward. And no un-popped kernels. Put 1/4 cup dry popcorn kernels inmicrowave-safe glass bowl (pyrex is a great choice). Pla
Pyrex Pixie Casseroles (700): Daisy, Verd
Vintage Pyrex bowls
Vintage Pyrex 1959 Promo 2 1 2 Qt Serving Bowl Set Turquoise 443 CW 1 Scroll | eBay
Vintage Polka Dot Kitchen Glass McKee, Hazel Atlas, and Fire King, also McKee Bowtie
Aqua Pyrex, Light Blue Pyrex-These I would collect but there are so many others. I'd really would have to love the colors to collect.
vintage pyrex!
No Melt Suet – My Secret To Having Birds Beg Me For More | The Birders Report
doily bowl
February 15, 2015. The Holy Grail of a Pyrex Collection - the "Lucky in Love" casserole dish from 1959. I've been watching this piece on ebay and even though the dish is missing the proper white lid, it sold for a whopping $4,250.00!!!