Article: I Dare You To Find A Hotter Tumblr Than SDSU-Alpha Phi’s #TFM

Article: I Dare You To Find A Hotter Tumblr Than SDSU-Alpha Phi’s #TFM

mount rainier national park.
♥ Boston Terriers
Beautiful Disaster : Photo
I need to explore preset filters for photoprocessing, I love the look of vintage and other color offsets but can never bring myself to do them in lightroom
All about style, fashion and beauty
Struggling with paper piles at your house? This post shares the keys I've taken to eliminate almost all of the paper piles at our house. It's not at all as hard as it may seem. I dare you to try the system and see if it works for you, too!
goldfish jumping out of the water from a crowded bowl A Pioneer spirit of what I am, how about you?
Come At Me...Vader
Emily Dickinson ~ "Hope is the thing with feathers..."
12 Personalized I DARE YOU Bachelorette Party Game by Print4U, $3.50
This has to be one of my favourite web comics ever. - Imgur
Tutorial for removable fabric 3-ring binder cover - can use to store and organize patterns and knitting needles in plastic inserts
I dare you
250 Funniest Nursing Quotes and Ecards #Nursebuff #Nurse #Humor
Cute things to do
TONS of awesome printables!!! Inspirational posters to print to put on walls. Cute printable letters, numbers
super hard word searches | MEGA HARRY POTTER WORD FIND by ~Kinky-chichi on deviantART
Beer Bacon Mac and Cheese From @SlowRoasted
tor City Modz
Some days, my feckin cranky pants are the only ones that fit. :D
77 Photos Guaranteed To Restore Your Faith In Humanity
How to Draw a Dream Catcher
I LOVE it when people do this - it makes me go harder & stronger just to prove them wrong !
Wow. This one just sent shivers down my spine. I dare you, impossible, muhammad ali, quote, inspiration
Tickle me again, I dare you!
I dare you to watch this and not smile! I'm serious you can't you have to smile because its Chris Hemsworth and he's adorable.
Toilet Paper Origami..just love this!
22 Times When Harry Potter's B---- Face Was Better Than Yours - love this list. SASSY HARRY
Love! Is he even real? Basset hound love it when their lips stick to their teeth. Makes them have the cutest expressions.
So me, somehow every night I have all the covers and my honey had to get a blanket from the couch :)
cute captions 12 Funny Animals Are Even Funnier With These Captions (27 Pics)
The 99 Workout: Consists of 8 set of 5 exercises. The first set starts with 99 reps of each except the push-ups you do 9 reps. Each subsequent set is 11 reps less than the previous set. The 9th set is just an 11 minute run, jog, walk…whatever you can do a