All I want for Christmas.... is to own a vintage powder blue Vespa! Will get :)

All I want for Christmas.... is to own a vintage powder blue Vespa! Will get :)

Blue Ridge Parkway #ridecolorfully
arblehead Lighthouse, Sandusky Bay, Ohio
Preferably in Rome...and with girlfriends!  :)
shabbyapple- spanish steps
Quilt blocks
Seville in Spain, probably one of the most magical places I have visited in Europe.
Sidecar Vespa by setablu, via Flickr
Eva Green - her gothic look and appeal has always been enchanting. I enjoyed her role as Vespa in James Bond's Casino Royal.
For when I retire in France. In my Loft Apartment overlooking the Seine. Oui.
Lobster in Maine
S.S. Scooter | 1973 Vespa Sprint Veloce
Vespa #ridecolorfully
here we come the wariors so nice old vespa
Oooh, Vespa love. Pink, Vespa love. I need to pin this in the "Things I'd love to own" category, too!
vintage Vespa poster
Charlton Heston Stephen Boyd on the set of Ben Hur
Daily Inspiration #1927
"To have a beautiful life take a trip by yourself, rent a Vespa and take your map to see where the day leads you!"
I totally want to do all of these on a vespa now... Like RIGHT now. #ridecolorfully
Colorno, Emilia Romagna, Italy
Amusement park on the pier: Brighton, England
You could rent a Vespa scooter. Try to do so in advance if you can so they aren't all rented out.  Beau and I didn't get a chance to do this.
Illustrator Luciano Lozano
Scooter sidecar fun.
Vespa #vespa
Lilac Scooter
Come to me little vespa, and we'll take a whirl.  #Spring
wonderful #girl on #vespa PX #italiandesign
Santorini, Greece
Yellow kissing bees belt
Love this!
The Amazing Miniature World of Satoshi Araki | Good Spark Garage
Vespa Turquoise in New Orleans Art Print    jelas-jelas ini ga muat d closet..tapi mauuuuuu...
Piaggio Vespa 946