Elephants are my spirit animal. They are often perceived as scary and aggressive animals, but really they are very gentle and tranquil. I love this art piece and plan on getting it tattooed sometime soon.
Watercolor Elephant tattoo. Tattooed by Javi Wolf
Quote and family of elephant tattoo
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Cool tribals
iniature Abstract Elephant
lephant tattoo | Tumblr
Love this.... Hamsa elephant
Probably one of my favorite elephant tattoos I've seen so far.
simple elephant tattoo - Google Search
Turn this into a half sleeve?
lephant tattoo    Two elephant babies? With initials small   Then I can add when and if we have more babies :)    But different location not neck
25 Cute Small Elephant Tattoos
Cute-Elephant-tattoo-1.png (711×560)
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I love this elephant being carried by a butterfly print for a nursery. Maybe above the crib? #black and #white #print
Simple line tattoo of an elephant on the ankle | Limited artist info: Jodi, long term volunteer at Elephant Nature Park (Chiang Mai), who has an unnamed tattoo shop in USA.
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Tattoo by ofilhodatuta
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Kassandra Choiniere
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An adorable elephant: | 65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For Wrist Tattoos
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55 Elephant Tattoo Ideas | Cuded Like this style of elephant, would want two...one big and one small for Calla
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american traditional elephant tattoo | reminds me of my bestie Katey
indian elephant tattoo - Google Search
i'm madly in love with this one. seriously. i like it wayyy too much.
Genuinely considering getting a elephant tattoo. I don't think I'd be brave enough to get it here though!
Id like the elephant not so evil looking and maybe have flowers on its head and face painting. More of an Indian elephant.
Cute elephant tattoo by Matt Sager. Beautiful Dreamcatcher Elephant tattoo!!!
74 Of The Tiniest, Most Tasteful Tattoos Ever: I would put underneath the elephant, "Forgive, but never forget."