The best breakup quote of all time - from The Holiday.

The best breakup quote of all time - from The Holiday.

I didn't stop loving you. I decided to stop showing it because no matter how hard I tried, you wouldn't get it.
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I was your cure, and you were my disease. I was saving you, but you were killing me.
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You'd never guess but, I'm hurting...a lot. And you don't see it. You'll probably never see it, but it's true.
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I really believe this is true! Sometimes in life the signs are right i front of you and you can only try so hard.
nd Heartbreak With Funny Breakup Someecards: Once my self-esteem is back to 100% you will be dead to me.: Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened and he didn't get you pregnant.
Peter: "I almost broke up with the girl of my dreams because my waterbed made her seasick." Mindy: "I would break up with you for HAVING a waterbed." #themindyproject TUE 9:30/8:30c | FOX
The best breakup quote of all time - from The Holiday. I needed to read this a year ago after my divorce. Man of man is this exactly how it all went.
15 Celebrity Breakup Quotes to Mend Your Shattered Heart - this Elizabeth Taylor quote is one of my favorites. There's something about putting on lipstick...
I Am So depressed. Just Went Through A Terrible Breakup:(
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Glad I let the past go and met my husband! Life would be totally different! Blessed to have my two kids and husband in my life
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What difficult thing(s) have you had to let go of? What helped, or would have helped, make it a little easier? You thought is was real; and it was real at that time. Be gentle with yourself.
This is one of those quotes that confuse me. Either everybody needs everybody or nobody needs anybody if this quote was acted on.
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One day, this pain will make sense to you.
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