A gentle cat making friends with a baby.

A gentle cat making friends with a baby.

20 Mind-Flipping Gymnastics GIFs...memories of judging. Always hoped that gymnasts would wear a black dot on their stomach to make it easier to count the number of rotations/twists
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✿⊱╮*..BeautifulGifs..* ✿⊱╮
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"I've always been one for dramatic entrances."
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lol thats me post - Google Search
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cameras.gif (400×300)
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Eventing Nation: 12 GIFS of eventers who never stopped believing
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Look at all those worked muscles!
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The woman's all like, "Here kitty kitty... oh well... she's probably dead..." But the cat's like, "OH YEAH! I'M BACK!" XD
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I love this
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Now Clara is the next companion. We don't know a lot about her yet. Are you a Doctor Who newbie? Before you join the Whovian fleet, you must first understand the Time Lord who started it all.
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Not once 1,000,000,000,000,00,000,000 times
Jack Frost and Elsa gifs