Such a cute nursery.
Baby elephant
love..mum and baby
Don't bother me, I have business to tend to!
Elephant Necklace, Mother & Baby Elephant Pendant, Elephant Jewelry, Mom Daughter necklace, MonyArt Original Design
Elephant cuddles
Respect all Beings
lephant tattoo | Tumblr
Learning Friends Elephant coloring printable from LeapFrog. The Learning Friends prepare kids for school in a playful way!  When children color, they strengthen the small muscles in their hands that help them learn to write. Encourage children to color by
bath time
this picture needs to happen..If anyone know how I can get Paige this close to a baby elephant, let me know ;-)
You have to love yourself and be the best version of yourself because their is only ONE you! This was important to the Transcendentalists.
Baby Elephant Theme Gray Chevron and Pink Mom to by LezlieZDesigns, $24.00
Baby Elephant aw!
lephant tattoo    Two elephant babies? With initials small   Then I can add when and if we have more babies :)    But different location not neck
mma and baby elephant  love so great!! respect & protect these amazing intelligent giants!!!
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He's smiling! :)
..straw party. We have to give them their own future! #ivoryforelephants #stoppoaching #elephants for #ivory ! #animals
31 Cutest Baby Republicans And Democrats Ever
ama and Baby Elephant Wall Decal
ther and Calf ❤
There are many species of elephant, some of which are endangered due to hunting of ivory. Let's stop the exploitation of elephants in any way.
Elephant & Cat Friends
Cute Baby Elephants | Iphone Baby Elephant Car Background
Quote and family of elephant tattoo
Pure JOY!
Twin elephant calves. Amboseli National Park, Kenya | ©Diana Robinson
Delightfully – Mud Bath. so cute :)