Ready, aim, fire! Get those water guns out for some water gun fun that is perfect for any summer day!

Ready, aim, fire! Get those water guns out for some water gun fun that is perfect for any summer day!

Squirt Gun Painting | Fireflies and Mud Pies
Star Wars party
(Backyard Games) CUP RACES!
"Zap the Villian" (with a water gun!) for kid's birthday party! Spiderman, Superman, Captain America, party
"this is so necessary i want 12"
Pool party ideas
Pillage night game
Water Relay Races ~ Water Party Games like water bucket transfer relay, water gun relay, put on a wet suit relay, water balloon fight and shaving cream fight.
Water Gun Paining - How fun is this!!!!!
A Carnival / Circus Themed Birthday Party Could also paint ships on the balls and paint the guns black for pirate theme
The goal is to knock down the ping pong balls off of the tees with the squirt gun.
Squid Launcher aka water guns party favor for Despicable Me party
Paint War in a field (Wide Game - use watered down water based paints, put in water guns, tape paper to girls for 'lives' and once all paper has paint on you are dead' - Safe paintballing!)
33 DIY Ways To Have The Best Summer Ever - floating drink cooler, noodle lightsaber, sneaky cocktail in juice bottle, proper sunscreen application + sunburn tips, pvc sprayer, diy slip and slide, vodka gummy bears, sand removal w/ baby powder, dixie cup p
Host a COOL Backyard Water Park with these water games and ideas! Your kids will love it (and your wallet will too!)
Psych: Seasons 1-7
Ping Pong ball Nerf targets - Maybe a fall carnival idea?
Water Gun Shoot Out, who would have more fun...grownups or kids?
Little water guns for Kylie's pool party. Etsy has printable labels for a pool party
10 Ways to Surprise your Spouse - Double the Batch
They had to shoot down the bad guys out of the windows. (We cut windows out of some wardrobe boxes we painted and set some toy soldiers up that they could shoot with water guns.)
Squirt gun game- ok, now this is FUN!
Driven By Décor: A Carnival / Circus Themed Birthday Party
Fill water guns with watercolors and have a fight while wearing white clothes. This needs to happen this summer!
fun and messy!
This would be great fun for the rain gutter regata and water gun day!
√ This game went well! All Ages loved it. Had people race against each other to win. PVC, Golf Tees, Hot Glue, and Spray Paint.  Bloc Party!- College Edition
Taryn's Journal: Nerf Gun Backyard Party
Here's a fun game for the kids - try to shoot the ping pong balls off the golf tees with water guns.
pierce the veil funny pictures - Google Search
Get ready for the Fourth of July by creating a Squirt Gun Station for the kids to cool down! #frogtape #shapetape #ad
Despicable Me Party favors