Diet can help to lower cholesterol, but it's hard to do when you crave certain foods. Learn how to swap healthier choices for your high-cholesterol favorites.

Diet can help to lower cholesterol, but it's hard to do when you crave certain foods. Learn how to swap healthier choices for your high-cholesterol favorites.

Know Your Juices!!
Gingersnap Oatmeal | Prevention
Lentils are becoming a new staple in my diet. They're delicious, super cheap and easy to make, and are really high in fiber, protein and iron. They're practically a miracle food.  Here are 17 recipes.
Juicing recipes for high cholesterol - these recipes will help you lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol levels but for it to be effective, you have to change your diet (avoid saturated fat, sweets, carbs and increase your intake of fresh fr
Coconut Oil! Adding this to your diet could help you lose weight, reverse or prevent diabetes, prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol, boost your immune system, increase your energy, protect against and fight off bacterial and viral infections, help bal
Flaxseed may be a miracle food, helping you avoid ills from cancer to stroke. Learn about the benefits of adding flaxseed oil and ground flaxseed to your diet.
20 Benefits Of Green Tea: Green tea contains tannins that are known to lower cholesterol naturally in the body. Antioxidants in green tea can help fight hyperthyroidism symptoms
10 reasons why lemon juice is a superfood
I've actually made these pancakes a couple times when I've run out of eggs and they're very good.  Great alternative if you have egg allergies, want a lower cholesterol version of the classic, or whatever reason you have to cook without eggs!!
Healing Psoriatic Arthritis With The Paleo Diet | The Paleo Diet
Ginger reduces muscle pain and inflammation
High Cholesterol [infographic]
Fresh Turmeric Juice -Health benefits: anti-inflammatory, cancer-fighter, weight loss, liver detox, pain relief, helps prevent Alzheimer´s, lowers cholesterol, regulates blood sugar…an amazing healing root.
Good Need-to-know info in this post: "How to Improve Poor Leg Circulation" ~"Spicy foods that include cayenne pepper are known to help improve blood flow and open up the blood vessels," ~"garlic is well known to be very heart heal
Blueberry Avocado Detox Smoothie
Skinny Morning Health Tonic, drink apple cider vinegar everyday for health benefits like weight loss,lower cholesterol, metabolism boost and other heart healthy benefits.
Oats    Why they're super: Full of fiber, oats are a rich source of magnesium, potassium, and phytonutrients. They contain a special type of fiber that helps to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Magnesium works to regulate blood-sugar level
Did you know that fiber can lower your cholesterol, keep you regular and help you lose weight? It's simple to add more fiber to your diet with these five steps!
Yummy Mummy Kitchen: Ingredient Love - CARROT ORANGE TURMERIC JUICE - Serves 1 (Very healthy and good for inflammation)
A great Juice recipe for digestion
Kitchen Tip: How To Roast Garlic - sooo easy to do and it tastes fantastic!
The Most Powerful Natural Antioxidant Smoothie That Beats Any Cleanse - Health benefits: anti-inflammatory, cancer-fighter, weight loss, liver detox, pain relief, lowers cholesterol, regulates blood sugar.
Strawberries can be grown in garden beds, in containers and even from seed. Here are easy instructions on how to grow strawberries at home.
Avocado-and-Onion Salad
Hibiscus tea for a healthy heart
Beans for Dinner (slow cooker, nothing canned)- delicious, healthy, and REAL FOOD- beans may not be a trendy food, but they are SO nutritious. Beans are filled with iron, protein, vitamins and fiber. They are low in cholesterol (in fact they help lower ch
Healthy Apple Crumble--no butter or flour, and only 1 tbsp of sugar! 133 calories per serving. Too good to be true! :'D
Hibiscus Tea. It is an ancient drink called Karkadeh in Egypt, Bissap in Senegal, Zobo in Nigeria, Jamaica in Mexico, and Bunga Raya in Malaysia. It is rich in polyphenols, vitamin C, and other antioxidants. Also has been shown to lower cholesterol and bl
Flax seed tea is one of those natural remedies that is cheap, easy to do, and really beneficial. It’s not the tastiest tea in the world, but it is pretty inoffensive, and I tend to add it to a cup of rooibos tea, but I like it on its own with a dash of ci
The question that now arises is how to reduce cholesterol quickly? #Bloodcholesterol shows what your #cholesterol levels should be and includes low and high.
Lemongrass Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils. Lemongrass: is for healing ligaments, tendons, and cartilage, it helps with regenerating connective tissue, circulation, repairing ligaments, tissue regeneration, muscles and bones. A little works a
***Proper Link*** How to roast garlic! Garlic is one of those things that is magically transformed when roasted. Plus, garlic is definitely a “superfood.” It helps fight cancer cells as well as helps lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and/or triglyceride
Eat more of the superfoods to reduce your cholesterol and prevent heart disease.
Juiced Jewels – Juicy beets help lower cholesterol and fight inflammation.
Lower Cholesterol — Juicing For Health
Watching your cholesterol levels is one of the most important things you can do for heart health and preventing several types of heart disease. If you have high cholesterol levels, the best thing to do is listen to your doctor’s advice, but you can also m
lower your cholesterol naturally
2 Quarter Pounder Eating Loners
mexican cabbage soup - again chunky with zucchini, baby spinach and some hot spices...