Amazing Auroral Photography by Tommy Richardsen

Amazing Auroral Photography by Tommy Richardsen

The aurora borealis or northern lights are a fascinating sight to behold. Twisting shapes of colour which are ever changing. They are very hard to capture in any medium, but glass posed its particular challenges. Stained and dichroic glass.
The Great Outdoor Bucket List. How many have you done? All I've done is scuba diving haha
The northern lights of Alaska ... I hope to see this one day ... could the sky be any more lovely?
Northern Lights painting, love it!
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Aurora Borealis
Why you should go to Norway right now
Northern Lights over Iceland
Northern Lights
Adventures Of The Nailfriends!: Aurora Nails Tutorial
Bow of Orion, Northern Lights
Bucket List: See the Northern Lights
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Sherbrooke, Quebec - Northern Lights
Photography Tips: How to photograph the northern lights with a digital camera.
Aurora over Jokulsarlon, Iceland,by BSGuylncognito, on Deviantart.
Instagram photo by the_prettynails #nail #nails #nailart
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Ole Christian Salomonsen "Creature" Shot in Tromsø, northern Norway.  	 	   		       	    Creature  	     	           	 	     	         	            "Creature" Shot last night in Tromsø...
Alaska. It's amazing when they are so close you feel like you could reach out and touch them. I will never forget it.
Camping under the northern lights, Troms County / Norway (by... - Its a beautiful world
Northern Lights/Norway
Northern Lights #bucketlist
Tasmania, Australia by Ron Verdouw
"Northern Lights" Moving Color Tiles. The mood ring for your shower. Coolest thing I've seen all day.
The Aurora Borealis..❤
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See the Northern Lights
Edge Of The Plank: Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
The Ultimate Itinerary for Lapland and Arctic Circle, Finland - Bruised Passports
✯ Jökulsarlon Aurora - Wow!
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Northern lights over Caithness, Scotland. Photo by Maciej Winiarczyk. Life on a Small Island blog.
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