Rothmannia longiflora [as Gardenia devoniana] Edwards's Botanical Register vol. 32 (1846) [Sarah Ann Drake]

Rothmannia longiflora [as Gardenia devoniana] Edwards's Botanical Register vol. 32 (1846) [Sarah Ann Drake]

Fragrant Gardenia you invigorate me.
Full wall cupboards..... Fresh white gardenias placed into these pretty blue & white flower pots on the kitchen island..
Lush ultimate shin
Peonies, begonias, hydrangeas, gardenias, and roses. The perfect wedding bouquet!
Favorite Scent at the moment. Includes notes of bergamot, citrus accord, mandarin, gardenia, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lotus, orchid spicy floral accord, orchid, patchouli, sandalwood, incense, and vanilla.
Tips for planting and care of Gardenias
Learn how to make your very own gumpaste gardenia with this 20 step tutorial that walks you the process with great detail.
Pin-Worthy! #myfauxdiamond
men's attire, I just like the simple orchid, and this would be my dad, except maybe he'd shave his beard just for the wedding.
Ceramic flower.
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Boutonniere Sola Wood Boutonniere Wedding bouquet by TheBloomingCorner
Gardenia Tropical (19914-522) – James Dunlop Textiles | Upholstery, Drapery & Wallpaper fabrics
Dwarf Size, Huge Fragrance! I want these for the front of my house!!
55+ Tattoos for Women | Cuded
Gorgeous white Camillia
Hanging lamps with hand strung crystals, gardenias and showering dendrobium orchid florets. Designed by Manuel Cueta.
Gardenias are the Sweet Smell of the South!
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Gardenia brighamii seed pod (critically endangered)  ~☆~
How to Root Gardenia Clippings (5 Steps)
ae Murray married her 4th and most famous (or notorious) husband “prince” David Mdivani, 26th June in 1926 in a lavish Beverly Hills affair, with a wedding lunch hosted by none other than Rudolph Valentino at the famed Ambassador Hotel.
Ombre Pleated Cake- tedious looking (mixing fondant colors takes a ridiculous amount of time sometimes), but so pretty and unique.
How to take care of the fragrant, but finicky and tricky Gardenia Plant. #gardenia #care #plant
White flower
What Does Your Flower Arrangement Mean
Ground Layering  hydrangeas, works on rosemary, gardenia and other woody plants too. Just dig a shallow hole, lay the plant branch in (don't cut it off the main plant), cover with dirt and place a brick on top! Water and wait!
Amazing tiled path.
These English roses will be in my wedding, along with dahlia, peonies and carnations
ivory, coral, and mini and features shell, mum, rose, and gardenia sola flowers and is embellished with pearls and natural babies breath. The stem is wrapped with burlap with an antique lace collar and pearls.
Gardenia Care: How To Grow Gardenias
COACH  ~ 'Love' Eau de Parfum
Leyland Cypress or Thuja Green Giant evergreens to create a privacy hedge
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