The Rory Gilmore Book List Challenge. Books that are classics, best sellers and of literary merit are all on here! Click to see the full list.
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Gilmore Girls. I love Dave! He and Lane were so cute together! He was so sweet trying to win Mrs. Kim over
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Walking Dead and 42 other tv show workouts, such as Friends, Dr Who, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls & lots more.
Paul Anka
Because... Wait, what was I saying...
Dear mom and dad
For the person who, no matter the season, knows that American Horror Story takes precedence on Wednesday night
starshollowconfessions:  “The greatest joy for me, however, is the impact the show has had on a whole generation of young people who learned that, though growing up is tough at the best of times, it can be done with humor, honesty, and love. The gulf betw
And made sure Rory knew he wanted them to be super exclusive. | 36 Times Jess Mariano Completely Melted Your Heart On "Gilmore Girls"
The Rory Gilmore Book Challenge. Gilmore Girls and books, whats not to love? 344 books mentioned over the course of 7 seasons. Working on reading them all :D
as much as i love facial hair, there is something about a man covered in grime.... just try and tell me im wrong!
i cannot even envision this
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Gilmore Girls bookstore ... :-)
Conquer it, wild thing.
She Drinks More Coffee Than A Gilmore
When you respond to dumb questions. | 17 Moments When Paris Geller From "Gilmore Girls" Was Totally Relatable
I love this scene and episode. I loved Rory and Logan when they first got together, but the writers had to wreck it.
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Andy Dwyer, Parks and Rec
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gilmore girls Chinese food
Crazy cat lady Lorelai.