Guided Reading :: ideas and organization!!! Great layout for plans. (She teaches 2nd grade.)

Guided Reading :: ideas and organization!!! Great layout for plans. (She teaches 2nd grade.)

Guided Reading, Phonics Posters, short vowels, word families, rhyming
Vowel combinations make different sounds
The Must-Have Guided Reading Binder for Teachers. Binder covers, section dividers, divider tabs, binder spines, alphabet and sight word assessments, student data sheets and so. much. more.
Great classroom set up - Love this guided reading/teacher desk area with the bookshelves as storage.
CVC words
Book Marks to send home with Guided Reading books FOR THE STRUGGLING READERS
7 best-selling reading products all bundled together to optimize your savings. - Comprehension Strategies and More - Reading Response Booklets for ANY Fairy Tale, Fable and Tall Tale - Reading Answers: How to Help Your Students with Real Solutions - Do Yo
Stuff Students Say and Other Classroom Treasures: Literacy
This is a great site! This picture in particular has two great things: crates (that are on wheels!) and dry erase dots on the table. Great way to let kids show and do their work. Maybe even put them on students' desks? What a great idea!
Higher Order Thinking Questions to Use After Reading
{Native Americans} Nonfiction Leveled Texts with Printable Activities - Perfect for ELA and SS integration and for use during guided reading! Each text comes in 3 different Lexile levels (on, above, and below grade level). Five different Native American t
A year of word work for daily 5 or spelling for guided reading.
Fun in First Grade: Building Reading Fluency you could win a whole year of fluency passages!
Like the organizers under guided reading table :) Good use of space!
Dry erase circles and new bucket seats! Guided reading tables should be a cute and productive space! First Grade Fingerprints
Scholastic news--any issue activity sheet.  I should modify this for our National Geographic magazines.  This would be good for sub plans or independent work during guided reading.
Word family practice for fluency, decoding, phonics.  SHAKE-A-WORD is great for small groups, guided reading warm ups, partners or RTI / Intervention groups.
Guided Reading organizational ideas
Guided Reading Phonics Posters
Daily 5 Choices... I like this and I have all these things in my classroom. Need to buy clothespins this year
guided reading
Easy way to keep track of guided reading levels.
I love the idea of students having their very own sight word boxes.  It's neat that they are able to read through them every day and when they can read it five times they have "mastered" the word and they can throw it away.  Interesting idea
How do you track reading progress?
These 12 mini-books cover most of the DRA skills targeted in K-2 :) Great for guided reading or whole group!
Guided Reading - Guided reading is an important component of a balanced literacy program. It allows the teacher to meet the needs of all students by working with small groups for a period of twenty minutes.
20 quick grab & go graphic organizer to make Guided Reading run easier & smoother!
Comprehension Question Fans...great idea to have the kids have these readily available
Guided Reading story sticks - students pulls a stick and answers the question from the read aloud
These reading flaps for interactive notebooks can be used with any fiction or nonfiction story or book. Perfect for literature circles and guided reading groups!
This Woman is AMAZING! Her blog, Little Minds at Work is great! : Here is a lesson in Guided Reading - - Step by Step!! A weekly example!!
Fun guided reading tools to use in a small group setting.
iss DeCarbo: A Glance Into My Guided Reading Binder!
Teacherific: DIY Whisper Phones. Children use while they read to themselves. Go to the website for instructions.
ake your own small anchor chart stands to hold important charts for guided reading! Useful for any grade!
dry erase board for groups
Teaching Reading - Reading Ideas - Rock Your Fluency - Classroom Organization
Centers during Guided Reading
dry erase board for groups- duh! Why didn't I think of that before?
guided reading- gives indicators for each Fountas and Pinnel level
Use this point of view sheet as a reference for your students. A colorful handout that identifies 1st,2nd, and 3rd person perspectives, definitions, keywords, and an example of each. Save the file and print it as a classroom poster for easy reference duri