Vintage Mexican Embroidered Dress

Vintage Mexican Embroidered Dress

xican Hand Embroidered Dress.
Dress for a girl
TULUM TRAVEL GUIDE - the second day we decided to spend the day at coqui coqui since we didn’t get to actually stay there. it really is an unbelievable spot. they only have 8 rooms, and everything just says RELAX. we decided to get the three hour (!) mass
Las Florecitas embroidered ethnic maxi mexican wedding dress by Aida Coronado
I'd wear this is it was a bit longer. I like simple lines like this since I'm on the 'curvy' side.
black mexican dress...let's just be clear....LOVE!!!!
I have yet to find a dress like this in MX, but when I do you can bet I will be altering it to look like this. Mexican cool.
xican blue dress
Hand embroidered Mexican dress
The Wiegands- I love the wiegands and their sweet babes!! Plus they are oh so stylish
Ballet Folklorico de Mexico, Veracruz
Love this top
swing dress
Vintage traditional Mexican dress
maybe i could make the pouf? with a mexican dress?