Needlepoint Santas - could adapt this to be a snowman or even a penguin - like the triangle form for something different

Needlepoint Santas - could adapt this to be a snowman or even a penguin - like the triangle form for something different

any small, colorful butterflies. Artistic application possibilities for beadwork, cross stitch, needlepoint etc...
mantic rose
I've always wanted to learn how to quilt. I like this pattern, nice and classic, simple.
cross stitch
Vintage Rose Needlepoint Velvet Chenille Western by LadidaHandbags
This would also work well in my house when I live on a ranch. love.
Gordian Knot Updated August 25, 2013
While Etsy has plenty of pillows and wall hangings cross-stitched with innocent cats and flowers, we also found some with much more sass.
Two Crewel Embroidery Patterns Vintage Needlepoint by goodafternew, $8.04
Tatting instructions for beginners: Site includes tatting patterns and instructions for tatting, knitting, needlepoint, crochet, felting, finger weaving, and more.
wedding reception ideas for vintage themed weddings
Burlap Needlepoint Mandala | TeachKidsArt
Excellent plastic canvas needlepoint sampler coasters tutorial from Gingerbread Snowflakes.
Iznik Tile - Iznik pottery is named after a town in western Anatolia and was produced between the 15th and 17th centuries
3 eggs set 1
such an interesting stitch
ilustrador Raul Nieto Guridi. Having repetive patterns in your backgrounds have the effect of making your main characters really pop.
How to Make Anything Into a Cross-Stitch Pattern. How has this idea not occurred to me before?!
Joy Long Sleeve Military Coat - Joy Long Sleeve Military Coat offers a fresh take on our signature cotton military coat silhouette thanks to an heirloom floral embroidery design accented by tonal needlepoint border motifs. This luxe embroidered coat adds
Needlepoint 101 – Selecting Threads for Needlepoint
capesandcrafts cross stitch needlepoint. Two of my favorite things combined.
Valentino jaglady.
Polski Needlepoint
Sampler Collection
Polski Needlepoint @Af's 17/2/13
Flat Ornament Finish
crochet patterns
ini Biscornu Cross Stitch Collection 2; this is a very nice website; her patterns are easily downloadable and inexpensive. These patterns have been downloaded to disk.
hugs border needlepoint stitch
Peppermint Candy Cane
linocut - forest
I need to make this
Bargello Diamonds - December 7
Custom message / needlepoint brown black naps fix everything hoop home decor / tribal geometric shapes modern type / personalized on Etsy, $45.00
Vintage Needlepoint Roses Velvet Sequin Trim by LadidaHandbags
Koigu KPM and KPPM needlepoint yarn
puzzle purse needlepoint | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
♥ I adore this.