nice tin roof henhouse
Golden Lakenvelder - I hope ours are this nice someday!
Art Print 8x10. Rooster Whimsies by studiopetite on Etsy
♥ this....too funny!.
An vintage aluminum cake carrier with a yellow rooster and flowers...
Chickens wearing sweaters to keep warm in winter! I realize that this makes me a "not serious" urban farmer, but with 4-6 chickens, I just might do this. (But I think the deep bedding will make it unnecessary. Still, how cute would my chickens b
ason jar lid Rooster Coasters Could cut out cork circles and stamp with anything! Great family gift!
11x14 Kitchen Rooster Kitchen Art Buttons and Swarovski Unique Christmas Gift Unique Hanukkah Gift
German 800 silver rooster spice box, c.1890
Rooster vase
By Whimsicals Really like the border frame
Bet Miss Kay would love this Rooster Panel 2-Door Cabinet
anny Pacquiao Rooster | Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr FUNNY MEME
How to Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams - Rethink Your Island Dreams "By repurposing a cool piece of vintage furniture, like this armoire, you can make a one-of-a-kind kitchen island and save the antique piece from a landfill." —Cortney and Robert
Just love these chickens.
Before & After: A Rustic DIY Oak Vanity Makeover!
80s hairstyles
Handprint and Footprint Art : Farm Animal Crafts made with handprint, footprints, & thumbprints + 8 Books! @Jenn L Milsaps L Williams @Korie Bellamy Bellamy Bellamy Danielczyk Radcliff @Laurel Wypkema Wypkema Wypkema Cook
agnolia Merryweather
Would love to pin this image as simply wonderful because it is BUT once again, no attribution. WAAH. Repinned a lot, photographer, place, date, chicken name never mentioned. ???!!!
Paper Plate Rooster kids craft: C if sor Chicken. Place a few letter Cs along the bottom for feathers.
ster blue I looked it up because i thought this was photo shopped...Rooster combs are red, but in other species the color may vary from light grey to deep blue or red;[1] turkey combs can vary in color from bright red to blue.
Someday I will have my pug, and name it Pickles, or Rooster
10 Tips for Happy Chickens
Country French design & pallette of colors....from Chip It! by Sherwin-Williams
Frizzled shrubs
From My Front Porch To Yours: How I Created My Kitchen Cabinet Finish- from dark brown to this beautiful off white two tone- step by step.
Top 20 most Funny Quotes and Pictures Collection
Chickens on the run
Chanticleer Rooster Dinnerware Accessories
OOOOHHH AAAAAAAHHHH  - I love this Chinese zodiac rooster.
Chicken? Rooster? Singing! artist is Sue Jeiven - East River Tattoo.
French Country Roosters Chandelier Shades
The Cutest Compilation Of 28 Baby Animal Pictures That Will Have You Smiling
Blue - Golden Laced Wyandotte