Dresser Drawer Recycled Garden Project

Dresser Drawer Recycled Garden Project

shovel heads used to display small terra cotta pots
Spoon Flower Recycled Garden Yard Art Sculpture by nbillmeyer, $19.95
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painted gourd, I'd like to do this.  My cousin was given a vase like this--really nice!
Checkout this great post on MPM School Supplies Blog!
cycled owls
Old Dresser as a Planter
Garden gate - use an old window with glass removed, and hinge onto a post. I really like this one.
An old window makes a great entrance.
aybe I'll do this with my unbroken   fiestaware. Sell the 3 sets this way. I don't need all my dish collections any   longer, but with only 3 of the 4 place settings...this makes   sense.
saic Bowling Ball
Cat - Recycled Garden Art Sculpture via Jim Billmeyer Etsy shop - saw blade face, washers, horse shoe legs, wisk tail -cute!
steamer basket flowers....you can find these steamer baskets in thrift store ALL the time.
upcycle an  old door and it becomes a nice accent shelf in the garden ! Recycled wonders
Garden gate from a recycled window
garden gate from junk
Recycled Garden Art Chicken
cycled golf club garden art bird
I used old garden hoses and black zip ties to create a large oval rug to use in front of my planters bench. More information: Our Garden Path website ! Sub
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Planting containers made from tires are pretty easy to make and cost almost nothing. Possibly to coil the garden hose in
A garden hose and zip ties...just add some garden accessories to make a great housewarming gift!
cycle Garden art. Made from old garden tools.
Hand Drill Bird Recycled Garden Art by Junkfx Don by Junkfx, $40.00
Funky Junky Sun Catcher
cycled garden art...interesting take on the gazing ball.
Golf Driver Garden Poke recycled garden art by nbillmeyer on Etsy, $15.95
wls - I have to get these made for the garden so cute
Recycled garden backdrop Cool garden installation made from recycled windows, a door frame and wrought iron. Love this! What a Great Idea!