Lifeway VBS 2015 "Journey off the Map" Decoration Ideas

Lifeway VBS 2015 "Journey off the Map" Decoration Ideas

giant wall map - design mom's Living With Kids: Araya Jensen
Autobiography Island - Shake up how you get to know your students. could be a good way to introduce a mini lesson/assesment on map skills
awesome anchor chart. Make the chart and laminate it. With each story read, use post it notes to answer.
Puerto Vallarta "Outdoor Adventure" Get on a boat, go to an Island, ride a mule up a Mountain, zip line and rappel down the mountain!
I love the map. Dont know if its really in place on this page, but maybe I can use it elsewhere. Check my selfmade WTJ board! Jasmijn
What Florida Cities Actually Mean: this is embarrassingly, hilariously accurate! They are so true!!!!
tea stain an old map, nail board together and decoupage onto pallets. Hang in garden as decor or add to house
Even though I have read many - this seems like a great book challenge! Feeling it coming on for 2015
Fractal world generator: you shape your world then see it on a map!
Sacred Geometry
From Lifehack - Colour Meanings From Around the World
Framed key of first home together....I still have the key from the house in redwood! Although, we didn't technically buy it together! Still a cute idea.
This timeline maps out what you can expect to see as your child grows up.
ap of Valoran (League of Legends)
A Painted Treasure Chest Masterpiece
School Auction Mosaic Table (Kindergarten) by jackienoyes, via Flickr
ap on Behance
Unique Wall Clock, Home and Living, Map Clock,
vintage maps
game of thrones
Open the door to new worlds every time you step outside your room. | 28 Inspiring Decor Ideas To Satisfy Your Wanderlust
According To Science, This Is The Perfect And Best Road Trip You Can Possibly Take. Hit all 48 states
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
Designer Daniel Sachs gave a classic Park Avenue apartment an antique and global appeal, even in the young boy's bedroom. The wallpaper behind the desk is a blown up version of an antique world map.
inecraft Story Map for Kids: Teach Creative Writing with Minecraft
let's go on an adventure
journey off the map decorations - Google Search
North, always head to where your going. No other direction matters until you reach it.
Here's a fun graphic organizer to use with older students. The parts of the Story Hat Map include characters, setting, conflict, resolution, and theme. Many of Dr. Seuss's more advanced books would work well with this story map.
9 Awesome New Ice Cream Shops in New York City - Eater NY
Put a map up in your dorm room  and have everyone who comes in put a pin where they live. Bling the outline of your home state.
LARGE World Map Wall Decal Sticker 7ft x 3.47ft Vinyl Wall Stickers Decals With Pins on Etsy, $66.93
justpitchingmytent: VBS Institute 2015: Journey off the Map!
See You Later, Equator Bracelet. Whether youre returning from one trip or heading out on another, sporting this silver bangle makes you feel ready for anything! #tan #modcloth
California Beer Cap Map needs more holes for all the breweries they have. Fill it with your favorites.
Love this item - think it would look great over the couch! Planked USA Panels #potterybarn
Keys Mill Location: In Pleasant Valley on Pleasant Valley Rd. - East of Rt 75 by about 1.5 miles Washington Co - TN Latitude: N36° 20.75 Longitude: W82° 30.90 Map
ission Trips - Fund The Nations :: Designed to Change the World
Get extra maps to bring home to use for scrapbooking! What a great idea!
dominican republic resorts | Dominican Republic Map, Punta Cana Map and several other cities in DR
VBS 2015 Journey Off The Map…