One of my favorite places: Locarno Madonna del Sasso - Locarno, Lago Maggiore, Tessin, Switzerland

One of my favorite places: Locarno Madonna del Sasso - Locarno, Lago Maggiore, Tessin, Switzerland

adonna and child, 1510, Bernardino Luini. Italian High Renaissance Painter (ca 1480 - 1532)
Christ Pantocrator (Sinai) - Legacy Icons: Museum quality Icons | Legacy Icons
adonna ♥
aria im Ährenkleid 1490|'The ear dress' represents the Blessed Virgin as fertile soil and untilled field of God called to bear fruit, symbol for her virginal motherhood of God's Son
Apple wood Mother and Child, the Madonna, mother and children Sculptures #sculpture by #sculptor Gaetano Cherubini titled: 'Mother and Child (Carved Wood Mother and Infant statue)' £10000 #art
(Thomas Behling)
Basilica at Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa most famous sacred catholic site in Poland. astrogeo pos: the cathedral is located in 2 fire signs: highly energetic, centralistic, magnetic, emotional royal Leo sign of the Sun & light + dynamic, male A
Italian School of the 19th century - Madonna and Child
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voyagevisuelle:  Sensitiveness
It's national dress up your pet day!
.A.C. LIPSTICK IN RUSSIAN RED Madonna wore this deep, matte shade during her Blonde Ambition World Tour, causing lipsticks to fly off the shelves almost as quickly as her albums. More than 20 years later, it's still one of M.A.C.'s top-selling red
How do you completely get over someone you love when they never TRULY loved you....
Favor de Madonna Party Virgen de Fatima - madre de Dios - porcelana fria
The 30 most empowering quotes from women who dare:
Details of the Sistine Madonna by Raphael, photographed by Katharina Gaenssler, 2012 (book)
Research Indicates Mary Magdalene was Black and of Ethiopian lineage. Using the Old Testament of the Bible as a basis for much of her research, Johnson asserts that it is very possible that Mary Magdalene was of the lineage of King Solomon and the Queen o
Botticelli. Painter
adonna of the Flowers.Tiffany Glass Co., in Arlington Street Church, Boston.
cutler and gross 1052 sunglasses
How To Get Glowing White Teeth! She gave a great tutorial and it's one that I'm definitely going to try out.
Prayers to the Theotokos for every day of the week
Alexander McQueen
The Black Madonna. Einsiedeln (near Zurich), Switzerland.
adonna madonna
Faded Charm: pillows
Salvador Dali The Madonna of Porte Lligat, 1948
This truth uttered by Liz Lemon
Tilda Swinton: The Surreal World - Tilda Swinton at the de Menil Collection.
adonna Snubbed Erin Foster and Sara Foster, Stars of VH1's Barely Famous
A history of kitsch and its enduring power: “Kitsch is not about the thing observed but about the observer. It does not invite you to feel moved by the doll you are dressing so tenderly, but by yourself dressing the doll. All sentimentality is like this—i
Outfits backfire. And when they do, other women can get catty. 16 Things You Learned About Being a Woman from "Full House"
Galia Lahav wedding dress
Stella Yellow Shirt, Dakota Sioux, with baby, by Heyn Photo, 1899.
Icon Religious Painting Folk Art Mary and Jesus Nativity - Madonna and Child - Art Print 9.5x13. $16.00, via Etsy.
adonna, Fra Filippo Lippi
I'm pretty sure that I didn't go a day without wearing a pair of these in 1985.
This is Manolo Blahnick's limited edition 2009 Coca-Cola Light bottle.