DIY engineering / bridge lesson plan

DIY engineering / bridge lesson plan

Leaning Tower of Pisa - Tuscany, Italy - Seven Wonders of the Medieval World
Ravanel Bridge Charleston SC  This is a beautiful bridge .....
Problem-Based Learning or Just Another Project? Use This Checklist to Find Out
Simple Science - Earthquake Experiment
Join Tinker Crate and receive monthly hands-on kid's projects to explore science, tech, engineering & math! Save 30% on your 1st month with code PINTEREST30! Offer available through April 30, 2015.
Amazing Secret / Hidden Swimming Pool - A Creative Engineering By AGOR - YouTube
Cool Hidden room under the stairs!!! What’s the big secret? (© Creative Home Engineering)
Engineering Activities for Kids - an awesome collection of STEM activities
DPMS LR-308 A3 flat top upper w/ forward assist 24" 416 stainless match barrel black teflon finish PRI AR-10 GenIII Carbine Fiber Forearm, Rifle Length - for DPMS/KAC Magpul PRS stock Accushot BT13-QK monopod Bobro Engineering bipod Type 2. DPMS waln
Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Building with Paper (Simple Engineering Challenge)
Your kids can become inventors and engineers, just like Hiro in Big Hero 6, by designing armor for Baymax. It's a fun STEM / STEAM engineering challenge.
Zigzag Pedestrian Bridge ~ view from Dragon Tower, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan; photo by ☆AXL♈BACH☆, via Panoramio
aw emerald
Can you build a boat that will float and hold weight? GREAT STEM activity!
Engineering for Kids: Make building blocks out of paper! Great way to illustrate how shape affects strength.
Changing the way we talk about/stigmatize "women's roles" is a solution to gender inequality.  If more companies and advertisements supported women within the science and math fields, women would be more inclined and supported within the are
100 Awesome STEM Resources for middle to high school
Boeing 787 Dreamliner  - my honney helped with the engineering side of the 787!
Giant Photo Booth Pictures... Go online to Staples, upload photos and order the 18x24 engineering print for $1.97 each
With a subscription to Einstein in a Box, you will receive boxes full of everything you need to learn about and do hands on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experiments for ages 8+. Because children are natural engineers, Einstein
Engineering Projects for Kids to do outsid
Geoengineering Watch | Exposing the climate engineering/geoengineering cover-up
An engineering challenge for kids to design and build a roller coast
Fun fact!
The one accountant joke that every accountant knows but will still tell it to every accountant they meet thinking that the other accountant doesn't know it...
STEM Engineering Challenge Picture Book Pack ~ If I Ran the Zoo, by Dr. Seuss  $ Build a Zoo Cage Challenge Animal Catching Machine Challenge Bean Shooting Bugs Challenge Helicopter Bugs Challenge McGrew’s Zoo Exhibit Challenge
How to Make a Lego Drawbot |Planet Smarty Pants…This would make an amazing STEM engineering challenge!
Tinkering Station for Young Engineers
Tinker Crate is an amazing subscription box geared towards Science, Technology, Math and Engineering projects that kids love.
Ferrari V4 superbike concept.  Alfredo “Dino” Ferrari, the departed son of company founder Enzo, was said to have raced specially-prepared motorcycles in the 1950s. In the 1970s, Kay Engineering crafted a racing bike, now said to be worth half a million d
Korg littleBits Synth Kit | Musician's Friend
If children are “engineering” their very own original designs, then they are doing the “E” in STEM. It’s the application of their prior knowledge in science, mathematics, and utilization of technology that they apply in order to create! All children are n
Challenge your students with these engineering mystery bag ideas.
Children's Books about building and architecture. Good choices for all ages! These books are sure to inspire some creative structures.
Ponte Della Maddalena near Lucca - Province of Lucca , Tuscany, Italy
cket launcher made from Kool-Aid squeeze and straws--teaches concepts
STEM careers can be challenging, rewarding, and attainable for women.
I'd like a smaller version of this of each of my girls and my hubby and I in my Black and White bedroom (when/if I ever "make" my Black and white bedroom!)