Great candy sushi tutorial and ideas to make it ready-to-go ahead of time

Great candy sushi tutorial and ideas to make it ready-to-go ahead of time

Candy Sushi - Epic Meal Time - YouTube
Candy Sushi | Kates Recipe Box: Something smells fishy and it's not the sushi - Washington has a spending problem!
Ninjago Ninja 7th Birthday Party - Kara's Party Ideas - The Place for All Things Party
Click here to learn how to make sushi themed cupcakes!
Straight off of Gilmore Girls:Dessert sushi! rice Krispie treats, fruit roll-ups, twizzlers, swedish fish
This year my April Fool's dinner will be candy sushi! You'd think they would be expecting it by now, but they always forget :)
DIY Candy Sushi - Swedish Fish, Fruit Roll Ups, Twizzlers, Rice Krispies Treats.
Dessert Sushi! Ingredients: LCM bars/Rice Krispies bar for the rice Air Heads, either the short ones or long ones, in orange, pink (or red), and white - sashimi blue and green Fruit Roll-Ups - for the nori Swedish Fish - for the sashimi Gummy worms/snakes
Perfect for the Ninja party
Okay, seriously, how cool are these sushi rolls? Grab some fruit rolls and gummy fish and let's get crafty with food!
tutorial marshmallow sweet sushi treats kids
how to make candy sushi | best birthday treat ever or super-fun for april fools' day! --> LOVE this!
Sushi meets Candy meets Molecular Gastronomy;
dessert sushi for those kids' parties.  powdered donuts, juju fish, and fruit roll ups.
Candy Sushi Rolls! Easy to make!
candy sushi