Love this and kids can really do it themselves! Bumble bee with construction paper and wax paper for wings

Love this and kids can really do it themselves! Bumble bee with construction paper and wax paper for wings

childcareland blog: Easy To Make Mother's Day Card
stly el-ed, but a couple good teacher-storage ideas. 18 Amazing Classroom Organization Tips & Tricks
Keep your colored paper in hanging filing folders to keep them neat. | 37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks
Alphabet Sensory Play
button cards KID craft
Could use with Princess and the Frog, Rude Giants, or other stories set in castles
Simple but bright and beautiful-in-the-breeze reminder of God's Promise in rainbows and helpful remembering how light fractures into ROYGBV. White construction paper, cotton balls, glue, 6 large spools of ribbon. (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, vio
ther's Day craft!
DIY Jungle Vines ...  brown paper bags and construction paper / cardstock leaves. |  Jungle Theme Day Camp
4th Birthday Train Party | Some great ideas for a train party
"Fire" -- Staple gun orange and red construction paper to large cardboard cutout. Add "rocks" and sticks around.
based on Pablo Picasso's "Hand With Flowers." The children trace their hands onto skin colored construction paper and glue onto white paper. Then they make stems from green construction paper. They sponge paint their flowers above the stems.
SALT PAINTING!  Kids are amazed at the spreading colors!
How to keep a 1 year old busy -- cut a sheet of clear contact paper and tape it to the table STICKY SIDE UP.  Give tot scraps of construction paper to stick to the contact paper.  Great first craft and can be done independently with almost no mess!
Construction paper flowers. Vase filled with gift-wrap ribbon.
Jellyfish lighting fabulous- love to figure these out to hang insetad of beachballs??!??!
Print this page to go along with the song. covert he with contact paper, cut out, glue a popsicle stick to back of each frog, we use blue construction paper as the pond the frogs jumped into.
Living and Non-Living Things... I'd change this a bit and use realistic pictures cut from magazines (glue onto construction paper or tag board and laminate for extra durability). Laminate the living/nonliving paper too. Use Velcro dots on the paper an
Bear Unit Alternative: use other items in place of bear (e.g. Who is your favourite Angry Birds)
Superhero Father's Day Gift Book -ALLISON< Robs fathers day!!!  I would make this into a card, let the kids fill in the blank, then punch holes in side, let kids draw pics of dad being a super hero on construction paper and put it all together for
Construction paper flowers
ake a giant strawberry party decoration. | 32 Unexpected Things To Do With Balloons
Cute seahorse made with paper plate (or construction paper) and colored tissue paper "tiles"
Scrap paper loop sculpture... Great sub lesson!
This is the perfect end-of-the-year activity for your 2nd Graders. Just glue the cover on construction paper, laminate
asuring different lengths to make a rainbow from construction paper. Have the kids do the measuring!
chiken party piñata. I wouldn't want to hit it, so it would be a great decoration.
Origami bookmarks ... Mde these with my kids as gifts for their teachers. Super easy to do, very little materials needed (construction paper, glue and scissors) and the kids LOVED making them too!!
Graduation party treats
Holiday craft to try with Spencer. Use construction paper and have him glue on decorations.
daisy scouts - mari the marigold - responsible for what i say and do - troop rules: 1. be nice: kind and considerate 2. include others 3. be fair and fun 4. no whining 5. always share 6. be honest and respectful
hey diddle diddle - paint a white moon on black construction paper
Staat in de Activitheek onder thema Sprookjes - Draak met noppenfolie - Creatief
curly flowers
laminate construction paper and apply lined paper with dry erase contact paper. LOVE this idea
now I need a reason to make a bulletin board that needs flowers because this is too cute
Love these giant flowers.
Alice in Wonderland Party
Snail craft: pipe cleaner antennae and hook, tissue shell, construction paper background
Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Name Rocket Space Craft. Did this in my classroom, except the children drew the background instead of using the black construction paper and stars. My students loved this one so much that some of them came back for more!!!
"Cars" Party Decor - "STOP!  Party Time!" Stoplight made of construction paper, stapled onto a wrapping paper tube.
Goldfish kite - cardboard tube covered in orange crepe paper(construction paper), glued on fin shape and streamers for the tail. Add googly eyes. optional - scales