Fenris - Gauntlet Process by ~myfandomincolor on deviantART

Fenris - Gauntlet Process by ~myfandomincolor on deviantART

Doctor Who - These Custom Made, Hand Painted Sneakers Are A Geek’s Dream
geek with curves: DIY Cosplay Repair Kit (( One day for when I have a booth, Imma have a bunch of these for cosplayers uwu ))
Batman motorcycle helmet
I knew Mark Hamill had been in a car accident!!! 58 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About The Star Wars Movies. May the facts be with you.
Japan Develops Single Passenger Silent Mini Electric Helicopters, Travels at 100km/h (62mph) | RocketNews24
Hot!!! Wonder if the wife wants to play "the droid you looking for"....
geeky kitchen Lightsaber popsicle maker I need this... And all the other stuff on this page
I feel like a really big geek for pinning this and going a little over board with the whole otp and fangirling thing, but seeing sherlolly just makes my heart really happy and I just don't care anymore.
give me this shirt!!
I.T. key storage solution
four eyes are better than two
Doctor Who TARDIS Parking Only Sign. Can I have this? I would love this :)
game of thrones
Wonder Woman | 11 Fabulously Geeky Wedding Rings
maid #3 by KelleeArt
The amazing Kim J Luv using Makeup Geek's Jackpot pigment in the center for the added glow effect! Love this look!
Undeniable proof that "Guardians Of The Galaxy" and "The Lego Movie" have the same plot. Also, they both have Chris Pratt. :)
TTIF Thank Talos It's Fredas!  The Bethesda Store - I Hate Morndas Mug - The Elder Scrolls - Brands
DREAM PROPOSAL WITHOUT A DOUBT. Wasn't sure if I should put it under geek or weddings....
Every Marvel & DC movie up till 2020... I know what I'm doing for the next five years of my life.
These are sharps not hashtags. We wonder how many Piano Teachers have had to make that explanation!
This ring is super unique and adorable. I like how it's a mini wrench on your finger.
Darth Vader ring - Perfect for a Valentine's Day Gift!
Geek Life - It's Like Normal Life But There Are Dragons. Available in Canvas Ringspun Cotton Tees, Tanks, and Racerback Flowy Tanks.
cool harry potter wall letters
ye makeup
Nerdy Decor: DIY Geek Holiday Wreath! Doctor Who, Star Trek, 8-Bit, Star Wars, Transformers...
Size comparison
pantone. pantone everything.
HP/Road to El Dorado!! (Even though Trelawney wouldn't have been there when James and Sirius were there, I can totally see her loving this excuse. And I can totally see James and Sirius giving it.)
Emma Stone rocks bow tie and geek glasses together with skinnies slipped into her signature style of quirky androgynous chic walking around the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles, October 9, 2012.
Stunning look to make your light eyes pop! Created by the sweet & talented Heidi Makeup Artist using Makeup Geek's Flame Thrower, Peach Smoothie, Cocoa Bear and Frappe eyeshadows along with Immortal gel liner to top off the look. Click to see how
Enjoy the sun(nydale). | 18 Stylish Ways To Showcase Your Inner Geek This Summer
It’s BATMATH: Batman > Superman AND Iron Man [Pic] | Geeks are Sexy Technology News
an Proposes To Girlfriend During "Star Trek" Cast Photo Op - LOL Will Wheaton