*hyperventilates violently*

*hyperventilates violently*

Sam Winchester | Community Post: If "Supernatural" Characters Had Tind
Falling up the stairs.<<you could say it's... Unnatural...
small tattoo designs (29) and it kinda reminds me of Supernatural ands the song Carry on my Wayward Son.... :'l
We would still watch it, misha. We would. "By the holy father, Crowley the couch has dean the duster!! Quick soapy-Sam we must go rescue him!!!"<<<that comment!!!!!!!!
Sam and Dean. Very different.
[GIFSET] 9x23//10x04 "Yeah, I know. I guess I was just hoping that note would fill in the blanks."
"34 Amazing Crossovers You Wish Were Real The Doctor meets Harry Potter!? Sherlock and Dean and Cas!? Hannibal everything!? *grabby hands*"
Love this episode
isha collins with his son
The Legendary-Blue-Steel. | Community Post: The Many Pouts Of Jensen Ackles
Ugh... My heart
Supernatural spring break!!
Yes! Yes to everything!!! Dean is OBVIOUSLY Rapunzel, Sam is Flynn, Cas is pascal, Bobby is Max, and Crowley is Mother Gothel
I love this design. One reason is because it's based off one of my favourite TV shows. However I just love the harmony and motion of the image. Your eyes move throughout the picture with help from the fluidity of the ribbon. The burning ribbon at the
[GIFSET] Just a reminder of the 4th wall expanding even further--Misha actually sent these texts as the episode aired. Click through....
"You can't even die right, can you?"
"The deeper the blue becomes, the more strongly it calls man towards the infinite, awakening in him a desire for the pure and, finally, for the supernatural... The brighter it becomes, the more it loses its sound, until it turns into silent stillness
Supernatural No Chick Flick Moments Girls T-Shirt | Hot Topic
Hahahahaha! Oh my god I don't think I'll ever love anything more than I love this fandom. (Sorry future children.)
Which Supernatural Character are you? They're asking me to pick a TV show, and two of the options are Sherlock and Doctor Who... AH!
I don't think I need to write a description. :)
35 Nerdy Cards Against Humanity Cards To Add To Your Deck
...because we're awesome
And if you look down youll see the scattered remains of the Merlin Fandom.<< And if you look around you can see still crying Killjoys/Black Paraders.
A funny Supernatural  t-shirt that parodies the ‘keep calm and carry on’ meme with a reference to Bobby Singer. Says ‘keep calm and don’t be an idjit.’
We've got work to do. #SPN #Baby #Winchesters #Supernatural
Heck yeah
Supernatural 10x19 The Werther Project // Dean and Benny "You gonna get Sam and Cas to put you down? You really think they're gonna keep that agreement?" [gifset]
This is perfect.
Let's just take a moment to appreciate the fact that John Green used a Supernatural gif, shall we?
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Serious monster hunting!
They have a GIF for definite articles: | Community Post: Definitive Proof That The "Supernatural" Fandom Has A GIF For Everything
multidimensional wavelength of fandom intent | In which the supernatural fandom has a gif for everything (part 2)
Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins funny spn interview. I really wanna see this video now
This is Castiel. This is also the only Supernatural picture I could find that wasn't completely stupid.
[SET OF GIFS] 5x21 Two Minutes to Midnight. AAAGH DEATH YOU'RE MY FAVORITE.
What it’s Like to Be the Single Friend | Her Campus ( mostly pinning because I love the use of the Dean and Lucifer gifs!)