2015 babylights balayage. mimics the natural highlights of a child's hai

2015 babylights balayage. mimics the natural highlights of a child's hai

Beautiful, Natural Brunette Highlights
White Living Room
natural brunette highlights
I like this color more towards my end and I like where it starts
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Natural highlights u get as a kid. Copy for us adults
How To get NATURAL Highlights with help from the sun! GREAT INFO!!! Can't wait to start :) This is great for those of us who don't dare put chemicals in our hair, causing it to be damaged and dried out.
I like this transformation from bleach blonde to more natural highlights.
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COLOR ME HAPPY.  Note: they do say to leave this one to the professionals since highlighting at home can go seriously astray.  BUT, if you insist on diy-ing it, this is a quick tutorial from the Beauty Department for natural looking highlights (:
THIS IS WHAT I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Natural blonde highlights and toner :) by Keriane
Luminous, super moisturized dewdrop skin looks as though it’s poised to take over in 2014. Products that mix balm and shimmery accents help to create wet, natural highlights, which enhance the contours of the eyes and cheekbones by catching the light wher
15 Beautiful Hair Highlight Ideas | Daily Makeover
Cara. #naturalbeauty
This stuff works great if you have dirty to medium blonde hair or light brown hair. It gives your hair natural highlights from the sun but accelerates the process. Ten minutes in the sunshine with this baby in your locks and you will see a noticeable diff