container gardening

container gardening

A collection of wonderful looking container garden design ideas . All would make wonderful additions to your garden. Each photo has a description of what flowers make up the design.
Dont worry! if you have limited garden space,here is a list of 15 best and easiest vegetables that you can grow in a pot or container
Container garden. Lovely.
The 35 Easiest Container and Pot Friendly Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs - DIY & Crafts
❤ the colorful plants!
66 Things You Can Grow in Containers
Unique Potting Plant Ideas
Height Spill Fill Container Gardening The Simple Formula for a Beautiful Container Garden
UST read post for choosing The Easiest and Best Plants for Hanging Baskets by 3 Little Greenwoods! #DIYflowerBasket #hangingflowerbaskets #bestplantsforhangingbaskets
for shade--angelonia, dragon wing begonia, creeping jenny
y favorite site for putting together container pots and baskets.  You put in your zip code and it lets you know what plants are best for your area, sun or shade, how to plant the pot; i.e plant position, etc.  100's to choose be here for h
Wagon fairy garden
container garden
DIY::Charming Green Window Box (so low maintenance)!  Includes Plant Guide
Diamond Frost forms a blizzard in the garden or pot, blooming non-stop from planting until hard frost. This euphorbia is typically listed for sunny spots, where it thrives. It also does well in part shade. Try it in deeper shade and see how it works for y
Sisyrinchium 'Devon Skies', Heuchera ' Peach Flambe' , Begonia 'Cathedral' by :Terra Nova Nurseries
ღღ Garden-in-a-pot
Container vegetable gardening tips
Rainforest Drops are vertical gardening, houseplants and container gardening, all rolled up into a ball and reinvented.
Want to have your own vegetable garden but do not have the space or grounds for it? Here is an easy and cost saving way to make your own planter box from used pallets.
List of 13 of the BEST herbs to grown in containers, with planting information for each! #herbgarden
Here are the steps for how to keep a large potted flower or container garden healthy.
container gardening how-to. These are the smartest self-watering containers I have ever seen. Yay! I just might have tomatoes this year.
Potted boxwoods offer formal elegance with little maintenance. This large American variety creates a living wall in a line of concrete planters- I like this idea for a separating space
Reach for the Sky in Style With These 10 Vines: Morning Glories
8 Stunning Container Gardening Ideas!
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You can spruce up any porch, yard, patio or balcony using colorful, low maintenance plants.
Select Easy Plants  Select Easy Plants  This unusual pairing of easy-growing but striking plants makes a statement in partial shade. Each container complements its contents perfectly.  A. Begonia 'Dragon Wing Red' -- 3  B. Oxalis regnellii -- 5
You don't have to have a huge garden to give nature a home. If you've all got a small garden or a patio then putting plants in containers is the way forward. Here's 7 secrets to successful container gardening to get you started #homesfornature
any beautiful plants makes this a good looking container mixed basket. So stunning!!
Shade planting: Japanese Maple, Pachysandra, assorted Hostas and Heuchera
Nothing better than an old tool box filled with succulents!
pastel watering cans ~ saw some very cute watering cans like this, at the dollar store.
Four Varieties of Coleus Pair Beautifully with Chartreuse and Black Sweet Potato Vine. Love this combination!
DIY Gorgeous Colorful Plant Combos Made for Hanging in the Shade!