34 sensory play ideas for kids (especially babies and toddlers) that put everything in their mouth still.
Know how and when to tip all the important people you’ve hired to put your wedding together. | These Diagrams Are Everything You Need To Plan Your Wedding
I also have this Zara blouse and love wearing it ♥
25 Uses for Thieves Clean
Tonight I am going to let my burdens go. I am going to have faith that everything will get better.
Wedding Cake with Ruffle Icing | KT Merry Photography
"$; When everything's wrong, you make it right." by xhollie-annx on Polyvore
Amazing Race Game! Could be a fun birthday party or family reunion idea. She has downloadable templates for EVERYTHING!! She also has a kids version!
Simply HomeMade: Scrubby Tutorial/Pattern My mom makes these...I guess I am going to have to break down some day and learn myself....
In this bold message we wanted to show that family is not only defined by who you are born with. Family is so much more than blood. They are the people who care, comfort, listen, and drop everything at the drop of a hat to come to your rescue. Just becaus
I really hate small talk and chit chat. I may not talk about myself but I do want to know about you. Then when I trust you enough to know that you won't betray me, I may talk about myself. I love listening more than talking.
Thrift and Shout: My Guide to Exploring Nashville in 3 Days; Philanthropy store in Franklin, Tennessee
Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 30 Pics
Here are over 125 homemade cleaners recipes for all areas of your home, from general purpose, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, metal, odor removal, and even homemade stain removal. Use them to make your own cleaning products.
Seems appropriate for today, don't you think?  shirtless friday 21 Shirtless friday (29 photos)
Blue Bonnet
all or nothing... holding something back might as well be lying
Coral blazer + white tank + jeans + statement necklace + nude flats
Very detailed blog for first time mommies written by a nurse. She has an overview of the top baby gear items, accessories, and must-haves that are approved by moms. Also has long articles about what to expect from pain medications at delivery to the first
Tesla said it. Einstein Agreed. Science proved it. It is a known fact that everything—including our own bodies—is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. That being said, can sound frequencies affect us? Most music worldwide has been tuned t
Yes, YOU Are M' Love! I Love You With All My Heart And Soul!!
Kacey Musgraves- "Step Off"
All-in-One-Bowl Cream Cheese Cake  #easydesserts
Preen #HauteCouture
ne piece.
I love everything about this house. The only thing I would've done different is wood-colored cabinets in the kitchen. Renovated Craftsman in Bellevue, WA
'Music Gives Life to Everything'
DIY: Everything You Need to Build a Simple Aquaponics System | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Light and Lovely Lemon Cupcakes - soft, fluffy, and so easy to make!!!
Dear God, Thank You for Everything
DIY: 10 Fabulous Organizing Projects - for the closet, pantry, office, bathroom - everything!
The Getup: Labor Day Reunion - Primer < Everything cool except the weird sports stuff at the bottom (I'm Scottish)
y to-do list from today seems to consist of everything from my to-do list yesterday.
Bachelorette Favors! Glitter wine glasses filled with everything you'll need for the night!
Learn Lightroom in a week... Day 7: Export and Publishing